Richmond, The American International University in London (RAIUL) is a liberal arts school based in the great city of London, accredited to issue both US and UK degrees.



Discover London

Located in London, Richmond has two campuses within the city – one in Richmond and the other in Kensington. London is the capital and largest city in the United Kingdom. As a booming metropolis and major global city, there is much that students can benefit from – from the rich history, vibrant nightlife, great range of cuisines, the famous West End, high fashion, and much more. With over 8 million residents, the great city of London is diverse, inclusive, and filled with things to do for people of all ages.


Undergraduate program

Richmond offers a four-year degree, as per the US schooling system. First, students begin as a part of the Liberal Arts program and then they work on their specialization. Depending on a student’s prior qualifications, some programs can be completed as a three-year pathway.RAIUL is the only university in the United Kingdom that offers a four-year pathway, as per the US schooling system. First, students begin as a part of the Liberal Arts program and then they work on their specialization. Depending on a student’s prior qualifications, some programs can be completed as a three-year pathway.

Students applying for the undergraduate program should have completed one of the following: A-Level with 96-112 UCAS points, US High School Diploma with a 2.5 – 3.0 minimum GPA, International Baccalaureate with 24-28 IB points, or a BTEC National Diploma with an MMM – DMM. Students can apply directly to the university or via the UCAS or Common Application.


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Living accommodations

Students attending Richmond can choose to stay on campus or live off-campus. Living on campus means staying in one of the residence halls within walking distance of all classes. Students also have easier access to university facilities and can also take advantage of the fully catered meal plans. No extra utility bills need to be paid and laundry services are free of cost.

Some students want to live off-campus, but still close to the university. If this is the case, there are many benefits to this option as well. Living off-campus gives you more privacy and space, involves fewer rules and regulations, and encourages students to be more independent because they have to make their own meals and pay bills.  So, whether you want to live on or off-campus, the university will guide you to find what is most suitable for you.


Socially conscious

Richmond was founded by a social entrepreneur and as a part of his legacy, the university’s social mission remains strong. Holding the value of international learning close to its heart, the school also does not differentiate between ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, or economic status. Personal and social responsibility lies at the core of Richmond’s ethos and mission – the school aims to encourage students to think ahead, be open-minded, and understand the benefits of social change.  

All undergraduate students perform volunteer work as a part of their degree and as per student feedback, it is a welcome and positive portion of their time spent at Richmond. In the last academic year, students from Richmond completed volunteer work with 140 different organizations in London and completed 1,800 hours of community service.


Student careers and internships

At Richmond, the Careers & Internships Office supports students through every step of their university education. They guide students regarding volunteer and internship opportunities, advise on which courses to take, and help students decide what professional positions they want to pursue after their graduation.

There is a strong emphasis on internships at Richmond, as internships provide hands-on work experience to students and fresh graduates. These degree-related experiences give students invaluable insight into the type of work they want to be doing in the future and also teach them how to apply their academic knowledge in the workplace. Students can place for internships locally or abroad through the school’s vast international network.

Internships usually last 8-9 weeks and are worth up to six academic credits.  

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