Koç University is a non-profit institution located in Istanbul, Turkey. Recognized as one of the leading universities in Turkey, Koç University offers its 7,000 students the highest level of education in one of the most historic cities of the world through its English-based curriculum.

The course structure is similar to universities in the US. The lectures are held in large lecture rooms and the professors are all very experienced and they teach their knowledge very efficiently. The workload can be heavier than usual but the course structures are planned accordingly which allow you to learn and complete everything efficiently.

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Koç University

Things to do

Koç University is located in the rolling hills of Sarıyer, Istanbul, and is only 20 minutes away from the Black Sea. With student organizations, clubs, sports teams, and regularly planned social activities, there is always something on the student agenda. Campus life is vibrant and active and there are also athletic and recreational facilities available to all students.

Then there is the wondrous city of Istanbul itself, home to over 15 million residents. Incomparable in history and culture, the fast-paced city straddles both Europe and Asia and has been influenced by the many empires that have ruled over its domain – Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. Some of the most famous sites to visit are the Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace Museum. Dining options are vast, the nightlife is fun and exciting, and there is something to do or explore around every corner of this vast metropolis.

Koç University

About the university

The Koç University campus sits on 62 beautiful acres in Istanbul, giving students the opportunity to escape the surrounding city bustle while also providing them with easy access to the exciting city life that Istanbul offers. The campus consists of 62 academic and administrative buildings such as laboratories, dormitories, sports facilities, social venues, and a health center.  

The architecture and built-up space of the university campus are well thought out and inspire student interaction while also catering to student convenience. The campus boasts shady sitting areas, open pavilions, private seating areas, pools and fountains, walkways, and more.  

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Koç University

Koç University ethos

Koç University, supported by the well-known Vehbi Koç Foundation, aims to be a “Center of Excellence” where students can learn academically, socially, and culturally and also engage in acquiring new knowledge through research and interactive learning. The university strives to arm students with the skills to think creatively, objectively, and with confidence.

Koç University’s liberal-arts-inspired programs offer students plenty of academic opportunities along with extra-curricular activities to create a well-rounded university experience. With excellent faculty and staff, the school offers innovative and diverse learning experiences in a nurturing, challenging, and exciting environment. The university also has small class sizes and internationally renowned faculty members with experience at the top universities in the USA and Europe support student enrichment and learning.

The campus is very beautiful, and situated in one of the greatest cities in the world, Istanbul, offering great social opportunities. The campus life is also very active, with many cultural and sports societies offering the chance to join them. Although it is located in the outskirts of the city, access to the campus is pretty straightforward

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Koç University

Koç academics

Students at Koç University complete a comprehensive core liberal arts program along with a specialization in their chosen field. The university consists of the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, College of Sciences, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, College of Engineering, Law School, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Sciences & Engineering, Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the Graduate School of Health Sciences. Overall, the university offers 22 undergraduate, 32 graduate, and 18 Ph.D. programs.

The university has also upgraded all its technology and information systems so that advanced, state-of-the-art teaching tools are used throughout the school, from classes and laboratories to administrative offices and even the library.

Koç University

Shaping your career

Koç University prepares students for their future careers by offering extensive network links and professional career advice. The special approach that the university has developed towards career opportunities is called “E.D.I.T. Your Career” – Explore, Design, Improve, Transfer. The Career Development Centre helps students on a one-on-one basis to choose the most suitable academic programs, internships, and volunteer opportunities based on their interests and pursuits. They also help students connect with alumni and potential employers to aid in professional development and to build a greater understanding of their career options. Their career counseling services also include CV review and preparation for job interviews among many other things.  

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