Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees available, so while it’s generally a highly-subscribed course, it’s actually one the best choices a student can make.

Why should I study Psychology abroad?

As a student of psychology, you’ll develop a wide range of abilities from laboratory and research skills to verbal communication and report writing – all of which are skills that employers look for in job candidates. Furthermore, your experience in an international environment will make you stand out from the crowd in an increasingly global and competitive job market.

Is Psychology a Science or Art?

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It’s a commonly held belief that psychology is a “soft” subject, but in fact, it’s a subject that is gaining recognition as a “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) discipline. So not only does psychology offer a path to more scientific careers such as clinical psychology or psychiatry, but you will also develop core skills that will be applicable across a range of occupations. And don’t forget, you’ll usually be graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree!

Will it lead to a job in Psychology?

Beyond the “soft” and “hard” skills you’ll acquire as a psychology student, many degrees will offer a boost to your employability. Most courses offer accreditation by globally-recognized institutions such as The British Psychological Society, should you want to become a chartered psychologist. Not only that, but with options such as work placements and Study abroad 2019 years, you’ll have the chance to gain valuable real-life experience. As many as 40% of psychology graduates go on to postgraduate study or training in the field, so your degree may be only the beginning of an exciting career.

Where else can it lead?

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What if you decide you don’t want to be a clinical psychologist? A degree in psychology opens up a number of diverse and varied career fields for graduates including: advertising, journalism, social work, teaching, counseling and even forensic or sports psychology. Universities also offer comprehensive career guidance, so you’ll be sure to get help on what you want to do and how to get there at whatever school you choose to attend abroad.

So where do I start?

If you want to study psychology abroad, there are many great options. One of the best options for international students is the International Year One in Psychology. An International Year One will prepare you for studying abroad in the UK and help you develop your language and study skills so that you’ll progress smoothly to the second year of a university degree. This route is perfect for gaining an understanding of the British education system and its academic expectations. Need more preparation? There’s also the International Foundation in Psychology. If you’re interested, you can apply now with help from SchoolApply. There’s still time!

Study an International Year One in Psychology at INTO University of East Anglia.

Study an International Foundation in Psychology at INTO in partnership with The University of Manchester