The University of Buckingham (UoB) is unique. It is the only independent university with a royal charter for the Queen. The University is located in Buckingham with an enrollment of 2,700 students from over 100 different countries. It has the honor of being the country’s first independent university and is UK’s leading two year degree specialist. The university provides students with the opportunity to study at undergraduate, post graduate or doctoral level. There are six academic schools: Business School, School of Education, School of Humanities, Law School, Medical School and the School of Science.

Beautiful Buckingham

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Located in the beautiful English countryside, the market town of Buckingham is set among rolling hills and the winding River Great Ouse. Historic buildings are dotted around the town and there are plenty of beautiful green spaces all around. The town is home to 12,000 residents and the community is small, vibrant and welcoming.

Visiting our weekly street markets is a popular activity where students will find everything from fruit and vegetables to household goods and clothes. With many restaurants and bars in the area and numerous music and cultural events held throughout the year, students will never be at a loss for something fun to do outside of school. Popular destinations such as the famous Cotswolds, Stowe Landscape Gardens and the great city of Oxford, Bicester village are a short bus drive away.

Two-Year Degrees and Innovative Teaching

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The University of Buckingham offers students two-year undergraduate degrees and one-year post graduate degrees in a wide array of subjects. The shortened study time directly translates into lower living expenses and an earlier entry into the work place. Overall, there are 40 weeks of study and approximately 12 weeks holiday. The teaching quality at UoB is top-notch and the university is also well-regarded for practicing small group learning sessions, similar to the Oxbridge style of teaching. With class sizes averaged at 8 students per class and even smaller group sessions, students can be assured that they are receiving the attention and support they need to succeed from their professors.

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Scholarships Supporting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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The University of Buckingham has always supported entrepreneurs and new, exciting ideas. Buckingham’s Innovation and Enterprise Center is now offering new entrepreneurs a chance to be awarded their International Entrepreneur Scholarship to study their BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise degree. The school encourages international students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and business to apply for the scholarship, which is worth up to £17,400. To apply, students need to pitch their innovative ideas as part of their application. The deadline to submit scholarship applications and business pitches is November 1, 2018, so make sure you do not miss this amazing opportunity!

Career Planning

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The Careers and Employability Hub at the University of Buckingham offers students insight and guidance on their upcoming professional careers. The Hub ensures that students have access to the right networks, information, and resources to effectively plan their career. UoB offers the Careers Library, the Horizons Employability portal, e-book links, career fairs, workshops and other such events as informative resources that will support all students. UoB helps students plan their university curriculum so they develop the needed skills that will best serve them in their careers after graduation.

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