Walsh University is a private, non-profit, Catholic liberal arts and sciences university located in North Canton, Ohio in the United States. With a student population of almost 3,000 students from 40 states and 40 different countries, the campus environment is intimate, while still being international and diverse. U.S. News and World Report ranks Walsh University among the top Regional Universities in the Midwest and it was awarded the 76th position nationally in the category of Best Value School.

With Walsh’s large international population, students learn from a diverse group of faculty, staff, alumni, and current students while experiencing American life and education. Due to our commitment to internationalization, students from around the world can expect generous scholarships, caring people, and a high level of education.

– Yasmin Nizzer-Bates, International Admissions Counselor/DSO, Walsh University

About the University and Location

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Walsh University has a beautiful 136-acre main campus in Northeast Ohio with easy access to many other major cities in Ohio, such as Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, and Youngstown. Walsh also boasts a satellite campus in Rome, Italy where students can take classes and immerse themselves in a different culture and learning environment. There are nearly 100 academic programs on offer at Walsh University, along with an award-winning athletics department and outstanding academic and residence facilities. The school has a small 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio and it offers special programs such as an accelerated degree program, an honors program, study abroad 2019 programs, and internships.

The university’s Student Life program has numerous clubs and organizations that students can take part in and there are always interesting events held on campus. The city of North Canton itself is a lively location where students can easily visit nearby museums, art galleries, restaurants, music concerts, shopping, bars, dance clubs, theatres, and much more.

Perks of Being International at Walsh University

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Walsh University has a very global outlook on the teaching and learning that occurs on campus. Students from 40 different countries study at Walsh, augmenting its international perspective and vision. To enhance its international student population, Walsh University offers in-state tuition and generous scholarship opportunities to international students ranging from USD 8,000 to full tuition depending on academic merit.

International students also receive priority housing selection at the on-campus residence halls that offer students apartment-style living complete with bathrooms within each suite, as opposed to bathrooms shared by each floor.  

Extra Learning Opportunities – Global and Local

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Walsh University believes strongly in learning beyond the classroom and in this regard, it offers all enrolled students an internship opportunity within their chosen field of study. The internships could be local, or even global, and it is exciting to note that 76% of Walsh student interns receive job offers from where they interned. Furthermore, 94% of new graduates are either employed or attending graduate school within six months of their graduation.

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The Walsh University Global Learning initiative encourages students to expand their horizons, travel to new places, and learn in a new, hands-on environment. The Rome Experience is based at the school’s satellite campus in Castel Gandolfo and lessons are conducted not only on campus but throughout the city, giving students a unique and beneficial learning environment. Students can also travel to Mexico, Haiti, or Tanzania to learn about their healthcare systems or take part in The Uruguay Experience to learn about teaching and social work. The Uganda Experience, known as the university’s most immersive global learning program, is an amazing opportunity for students to study, conduct research, offer service, and gain cultural knowledge. All this and more is available to students who want to think globally and enhance their higher education experience at Walsh University.    

Innovative Programs and Facilities

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Walsh University students can choose from almost 100 different academic programs in a wide variety of disciplines. With the university’s commitment to academic excellence, they also ensure that students receive the best in technology and innovation throughout their studies.

The Walsh Computer Science major provides opportunities to specialize in Networking, Programming, and Cyber Security. Computer Science students attend classes in the brand new Global Learning Center, fully equipped state-of-the-art computer labs and digital classrooms.

Walsh University's Deville School of Business offers multiple different majors such as Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and more. Thinking outside of the box, Walsh University offers the Garage, a business incubator for students to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The Garage is proudly created and run by the students and the idea is based on the many Silicon Valley businesses that initially created and nurtured a successful business from their own garage spaces such as Google, Disney, Apple, and Amazon.

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About the Author: Muneeza Kizilbash grew up in the United States and Pakistan and was active in her university’s International Student Council. Now settled in Dubai, she loves to inform, educate, and entertain her readers through her writing.