Cologne Business School (CBS) is located in the city of Cologne, Germany. CBS is a private university of applied sciences with 1,500 students from over 75 different countries. The school has a wide range of English and German language study programs and it was one of the first universities to offer an internationally recognized Bachelor’s Degree in Germany. The school has both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs on offer, including MBA and Executive MBA programs.

At CBS students will experience a professional and multinational environment. The practical approach, soft skills development, the semester abroad and internship will provide the students with the perfect set of skills for today’s competing job market. And who doesn’t want to add German to their resume?

– Charlotte Cramer, International Business Development Manager Latin America, Cologne Business School

Discovering Cologne

Cologne Cathedral

The city of Cologne is the fourth most populated city in Germany with a population of over 1 million residents and about 100,000 students. As a major cultural center, Cologne has over 30 museums and hundreds of art galleries. And as an authentic college town, Cologne caters to its large student population with many leisure and music events, sports games, tourist sites, nightlife, and much more.

Sitting on the Rhine River, the city of Cologne comprises of 86 different districts – each with its own vibe and atmosphere. Some of the most popular and frequented districts include the Belgium Quarter, where students can visit Brussels Square and its central beer garden. Students will find shops, theaters, art galleries, bars, and cafes all around the area. The Agnes Quarter is known for its quaint landscape and affordable living accommodations. The district of Eigelstein hosts the oldest street festival in the city and Kwartier Latang is primarily a student district. The City Center is one of the best places to go shopping in the city. With all this and more, Cologne has plenty to offer students, no matter where their interests may lie!

Celebrating 25 Years

Celebrating 25 years

The Cologne Business School turns 25 this year and to commemorate the milestone, the school turned its focus to increasing charity and social responsibility. A campaign called “CBS cares for…” has been underway all year and it has promoted the importance of education, children’s rights, environmental issues, and sustainable resources. The campaign not only highlights these topics, but it also works to raise money to support non-profit organizations working in these fields.

Life on CBS Campus

CBS Life on campus

CBS is a highly international institution that provides students with a nurturing and welcoming atmosphere. CBS believes that life outside of the classroom is equally important to academics and a healthy mix ensures that students flourish and grow, both academically and personally, during their time at school. Students can take part in a range of campus activities such as the campus radio station, sports teams, various student initiatives, and other campus events.

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When it comes to food and dining, students have many options. CBS has its own cafeteria and students are also allowed to visit the cafeteria of the University of Cologne. Additionally, as CBS is centrally located in a popular neighborhood, students can choose from many different options close by such as coffee shops, Doner Kebap, salad bars, and other restaurants.

With a wide variety of fresh, nutritious, and delicious food options at student-friendly prices, there is always something to devour for everyone.

International Quality Standards

international quality standards

Cologne Business School is the first university in Germany to be accredited by the renowned International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). The IACBE noted the high standard of technological equipment on campus and how it was used throughout the programs. CBS’s faculty and teaching methods were commended for their excellence in teaching business subjects to students through research, consultation, presentations, and publications. The Cologne Business School’s dedication to international education and its mandatory semester abroad was also applauded as an excellent academic feature. The school’s student-centered learning approach is in line with IACBE guidelines and is practiced through integrative case studies, real-life business projects, and business simulation projects.    

Student Services

CBS Student service

Cologne Business School offers students a multitude of services ranging from counseling and informational workshops to Career Services and housing. One of the first services that both international and domestic students will find useful is the Admissions Office. All questions pertaining to applications for the school’s Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees will be addressed here. CBS Course Guidance Services help students with anything regarding their degree courses, from content and procedures to funding and qualifications. The Students’ Office helps students manage other administrative tasks such as obtaining a student ID, changing their contact information, or reserving a study room. The Career Services Department aids students in setting academic goals, finding internships, preparing for job interviews, professional networking, securing jobs after graduation, and much more.  

The International Office manages CBS’ study abroad 2019 programs, the school’s international student population and its international partner universities. The office promotes a diverse and inter-cultural environment while also helping students transition to a new country and culture.

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About the Author: Muneeza Kizilbash grew up in the United States and Pakistan and was active in her university’s International Student Council. Now settled in Dubai, she loves to inform, educate, and entertain her readers through her writing.