The sooner have you made the all-important decision to study abroad, then you’re hit with yet another impossible choice: where to study? With so many incredible options available, it can be tricky to choose just one place. That’s why we’ve done the dirty work for you and have rounded up our top 10 destinations to study abroad.

Australia, Charles Sturt University

Why: Well-known for its sun-drenched beaches, unique wildlife, and bustling cities, it’s easy to see why Australia has become a firm favorite for English-speaking international students studying abroad. But there’s so much more to it than simply sunshine and beautiful landscapes. Australia’s cultural diversity, excellent education system, and a high standard of living truly set it apart as a prime student destination.

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Where: The Charles Sturt University has a variety of campuses located in some of the country’s most fast-growing regional cities, offering a unique study experience that combines a regional lifestyle with the best of city living. With top-notch facilities and hands-on teaching practices, Charles Sturt is a great choice for students who want to be industry-ready straight out of the classroom.

Canada, Lethbridge College

Why: Not only does Canada offer quality education, but it’s lower tuition fees and cost of living make it more affordable for international students than most other English-speaking destinations. With its breathtaking coastlines, vast prairies, and scenic mountains, you simply can’t beat Canada when it comes to beautiful natural surroundings. Plus, the people have a reputation for being very friendly and hospitable.

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Where: If you’re toying with the idea of studying in Canada, Lethbridge College is a great place to start. Located in Alberta in Western Canada, its focus on practical learning and career-driven studies makes it a perfect option.

China, Suzhou Centennial College

Why: Are you an ambitious, future-focused student? Then China may be the perfect place for you. Whether you plan to go into business, engineering, architecture, or law, studying in China will undoubtedly help you succeed. With the world's second-largest economy, it’s clear that people who can speak Chinese and have experience living in the country and an understanding of the culture have a great employment advantage.

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Where: Tucked away in the Dushu Lake Higher Education Town (home to more than 100,000 students) is Suzhou Centennial College. As the only Canadian college in China, it offers high levels of education and programs that are taught in English. Plus, optional Mandarin Language and Culture classes mean you can’t go wrong with this prestigious school.

Finland, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Why: Looking for an off-the-beaten-track study experience that still offers a top-notch education? Then Finland could be for you. As one of the northernmost countries in the world, Finland is known for its natural beauty, historic culture, and beautiful architecture. Despite its notoriously cold climate, Finland caters to the outdoorsy types, with hundreds of lakes for those students who enjoy summer water sports, and an abundance of winter sports options such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey.

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Where: With headquarters in the exciting capital city of Helsinki, Haaga-Helia is a strongly business-orientated university of applied sciences that is geared toward preparing students for the working world.

Ireland, American College Dublin
Why: The Irish hospitality is almost as infamous as their exciting pub culture, making this English-speaking destination a top choice for international students who are interested in getting a good education while having some fun doing it. With a rich culture of music, arts, and sport, student life in Ireland is a particularly social one. And with one pub per 100 people in Dublin, be prepared to sample the local Guinness.

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Where: Nestled in the center of historic Merrion Square, the American College is close to a mix of art galleries, theatres, museums, and delicious restaurants. Offering top-quality courses in liberal arts, business, and performance, it’s an obvious choice for international students who are looking for a rich cultural experience.

Malta, EC - Higher Education
Why: Famous for its beautiful cathedrals, glorious weather, and magnificent beaches, Malta is far more than just a tourist destination. Sporting some of the top institutions of learning in the world, it’s also the ideal place to study abroad. As one of the safest countries in all of Europe and a large English-speaking community, it’s easy for new students to feel relaxed and comfortable on the island. With excellent food, an abundance of outdoor activities, and an exciting nightlife, there is lots of fun to be had outside of the classroom, too.

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Where: EC - Higher Education is one of the world’s leading international educational organizations with a strong presence in Malta. It partners with select universities to bring international students to local campuses.

Netherlands, Holland International Study Centre
Why: Amsterdam is a welcoming home to any international student looking to broaden their horizons. With more than 180 nationalities and a population of around 800,000, Amsterdam still manages to keep its small-town charm with easy-to-explore neighborhoods and bustling cobbled streets. An inspiring city, famous for its history, art, and culture, there’s always something exciting happening around every corner.  

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Where: At the Holland International Study Centre, classes are taught in English, helping you to develop your language skills along with your academic knowledge. With the added benefit of affordable fees and the opportunity for international graduates to stay and work after they have completed their degree, this school is a great choice for people looking to maximize the long-term benefits of studying abroad.

Singapore, James Cook University

Why: Singapore has one of the most progressive education systems around, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and an excellent standard of teaching. But beyond the education benefits, international students flock to Singapore because of its vibrant culture and safe reputation. Known as the Garden City because of the beautiful and clean tree-lined streets, you can’t help but fall in love with this unique Asian country.

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Where: James Cook University in Singapore is a great option for international students studying abroad as it offers a variety of courses that allow you to achieve globally recognized Australian degrees often in a shorter period than you would in other parts of the world due to their trimester system.

United Arab Emirates, SAE Institute Dubai
Why: A relative newcomer on the study abroad scene, the UAE offers a range of exciting opportunities. A young and dynamic middle-eastern destination, it’s quickly become known for its diversity, economic vitality, safety, and religious tolerance. Plus, studying in such a central hub of the world means that you can easily travel to and from your home country or to an exotic location nearby. Many international students use The Emirates as their launchpad to see the world!

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Where: If you’re looking for a degree in creative media, then look no further than SAE Institute in Dubai. It is the world’s leading educator in creative media industries with a team of specialist teachers who provide real-world experience and world-class facilities.

The United States, University of Saint Joseph
Why: US universities are renowned for the quality of their teaching and for offering one of the most versatile and flexible higher education systems for international students in the world; a major reason why the country continues to be among the most popular destinations for international students studying abroad.

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Where: The University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut is a great option for international students who are looking to base themselves in the US. The large, beautiful campus is within walking distance of the bustling downtown area of West Hartford and sits conveniently between Boston and New York City, perfect for weekend adventures and sightseeing. Ranked in the top tier of regional colleges in Northern US, you can’t go wrong with a degree from this prestigious university.