Many students around the world struggle with deciding what university or college program they should choose. It is a big decision and there can be many factors involved, such as university location, tuition, and living costs. Students should also consider what topics interest them, what academic subjects they excel at, and what professional jobs they would enjoy. In addition to this, the earning potential and demand for certain degrees is also something to think about.  

Here, we offer information on the most popular college degrees, the highest-earning degrees, and the most up-and-coming subjects to help students in making this major decision.

Popular College Degrees for International Students

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Hundreds of thousands of international students travel away from their homes in order to pursue their higher academic education and experience a new location and culture. Some of the most popular university degrees for international students include Business & Management, Engineering, and Math & Computer Science.

With a Business & Management degree, students will learn about a wide range of subjects from accounting and marketing to economics and finance. Upon successful completion of a Business degree, the professional opportunities are limitless – work at a multinational company or a small start-up, find a job in retail management or as a market analyst, or become an entrepreneur and start your own company.

Check out these business programs to see if they are the right fit for you!

Engineering is also a popular field of study for many international students and it involves the study of design and use of machines, engines, and other structures. There are numerous subsets to this subject, such as electrical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, and computer engineering. The course of study for an Engineering degree usually involves mathematics, applied mechanics, experimentation, science courses, and computer-based modeling, among other things, but the specific subjects will vary depending on the type of Engineering degree that is being pursued.

Here are some excellent engineering programs for you to research:

Mathematics and computer science allow for the joint study of these two technical disciplines as they are closely intertwined. Math is a fundamental element of computer science and computing is used extensively in mathematical problem-solving. This is a very practical degree where you learn the fundamentals of both elements and it can easily be applied to the modern-day professional arena.

Read more about the mathematics and computer science programs offered at these schools:

Highest Earning College Degrees

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When students are choosing what university degree they want to complete, many want to know what their earning power will be upon graduation. Not all programs are created equal when it comes to making a high annual salary and we did the research to inform you what degrees will give you the highest earning potential. Engineering degrees will lead to the most money followed closely with a high starting salary for a Physician’s Assistant degree. Other programs that have high salary brackets are Economics, Physics, Mathematics, and Business.

These schools offer programs within these high-paying fields:  

Best Programs for the Future

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Then there are academic programs that have the highest potential for growth and market value. Universities and colleges are creating new programs for emerging fields in the modern-day professional landscape. Graduates with these degrees in hand are sure to be in-demand with excellent career prospects. As mentioned earlier, engineering has many different fields and some of the most popular specializations are biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, and electrical engineering. Forensic science is an up and coming program, as well as medical technology and aviation technology. A career in public health or nursing is also sure to be lucrative. And last but not least, computers are definitely a promising field with special emphasis on computer game design, cybersecurity, robotics, and computer information systems.

Have a look at these universities offering degrees in these exciting and sustainable fields:

These are just some programs from which you can choose to study. If you want more information on these universities, or others that offer your degree of interest, visit SchoolApply for more details. Good luck with choosing your academic program!

About the Author: Muneeza Kizilbash grew up in the United States and Pakistan and was active in her university’s International Student Council. Now settled in Dubai, she loves to inform, educate, and entertain her readers through her writing.