It is great that you have made the choice to venture outside of your comfort zone to try something new. It’s all a dream, until reality hits and you have to figure out what school you want to attend – which means picking a country.

The United States of America has probably gone through your mind a few times, but with so many states and so many universities, it seems like an impossible choice. Has the state of Indiana crossed your mind?

The beautiful state of Indiana is known for having many prestigious universities, and many cultural attractions that span its landscape – from monuments, to museums, and even drive-in theatres.

Where is Indiana?

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Think of a sandwich – two slices of bread with a filling. Indiana is the sandwich filling. This state has Lake Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south, and Illinois to the west. This makes Indiana the crossroads of America, which also happens to be the state’s motto.

Here is a fun fact: In 2012, this state hosted the Super Bowl. To celebrate this occasion, the state announced 46 of its greatest sandwiches – one for every year of the Super Bowl. Indiana loves its sandwiches and is sandwiched itself, a delicious connection!

Exploring Indiana’s Top Attractions

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Indiana, “the crossroads of America,” is very diverse and is simply different from any other place. The Hoosiers – the name given to the people from the state of Indiana – are among the most hospitable people that you’ll ever meet.

This state offers so much to the people living there. There is something for the nature lover, the history geek, and even the thrill seeker.

You’ll find yourself spending your weekends exploring this magical state. But the first thing on your list should be watching a game. It is an absolute necessity for you to spectate some sports while you're living in Indiana – check out the Indiana Pacers (basketball), Indianapolis Colts (American football), or Indianapolis Indians (baseball). Once you’ve experienced an all-American game, you can then explore the state and all it has to offer.

For a dose of nature, head over to the Falls of Ohio State Park. The most popular attraction here is the fossil bed that rests at the Jeffersonville Limestone. If you’re looking for a history boost, then find your way to the Spirit of Jasper Traian and take a ride to French Lick. Maybe you want a bit of an adrenaline jolt, then head over to the Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari – a waterpark with themes based on different holidays. Just pick your favorite holiday and enjoy the ride!

Everyone enjoys a good meal and Hoosiers are proud of their sandwiches. So, remember that while you’re in the sandwich state, you need to head to more than one place that serves spectacular sandwiches. Head over to the “Love Handle” for a bite to eat – you’ll be talking about it for days. Or you could visit “Goose The Market” where your taste buds will tingle with amazing flavors.

Studying on campus can get a little boring at times, so why not head to some of Indiana’s best cafes. “Quills Coffee” is a great place to go to grab an iced coffee and spend some time hitting the books, and when you’re done, you can walk along the canal. The “Kaffeine Coffee” is another great place that is slightly off the beaten path, but great for getting your head down and your assignments finished.

What Makes Indiana a Great Place to Study?

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Indiana is an excellent place for international students to study, learn and grow. The state is home to several great universities. There’s Trine University that has over 130 years’ worth of teaching experience. This university has a spectacular campus and provides its students with the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Valparaiso University is only an hour’s drive away from Chicago and has five colleges offering a total of 70 majors to choose from. The university has a high success rate and provides its students with a great student life. Another great place to attend is Manchester University. This school offers over 60 areas for undergraduate study and keeps popping up on college guides year after year. This school likes to sing – its a cappella choir has performed at impressive venues, like the Vatican.

Studying abroad involves exploring your new environment. You can’t just keep your head in the books or else you’ll miss out on all the culture (and sandwiches!) around you. If Indiana sounds like the right destination for you, apply to a college there, now!