Your education is a long test to see just how well you can manage your time and juggle your responsibilities. It’s all about finding the right balance for your classes, homework, extra-curricular activities, and simply time for yourself. This part is a learning experience in its own. 

You’ve probably already started scrolling through the App Store or Google Play looking for an educational app that is going to make you the master of time. Becoming a pro when it comes to productivity and organisation and finding the right balance between a packed week of school and socialising is not impossible, it’s all about knowing what is going to help you stay on track. 

Google Docs for Taking Notes

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As a student, you are going to be taking notes that fill up more pages than you can count. Putting pen to paper to jot down notes is easy enough, but not easy to keep track of. Just imagine: you misplace your notebook or your binder and lose all the notes you’ve scribbled over the previous weeks. What do you do then?

This is precisely why you need to take things online. Digital notes are perfect for keeping track of all of your documents while keeping them organized. You also eliminate the fear of misplacing your handwritten notes.  An added bonus to digitized notes is that you can search for and find what you’re looking for. Gone are the days of flicking through hundreds of pages looking for that one term or formula. 

The best part, with Google Chrome you can take notes offline and once you’re connected again everything will just sync to your account. 

This online application is brilliant for collaborations as well. You can share your notes with your classmates, edit, comment, make suggestions and keep track of the edits with a few clicks. It is the perfect tool when you have to partner with a classmate, but can’t be in the same place at the same time. 

This online application can be used on your phone or on your laptop and synchronises with Android OS and iOS devices. 

Quick Tips for Google Docs

  • Start off by creating a separate folder for each class and putting your notes in the folders they belong to. 
  • For each class, open a new document to keep things organised and easy to read. 
  • Try to keep each document structured. 

Week Plan to Keep Things Scheduled

You’ve got your notes down, and you’re being given assignments for nearly every class you take, and exams are coming up. It is very easy to forget what each class requires you to get done. It is also easy to forget that bowling game or dinner date you scheduled over the weekend. 

Keep things organised and on track with Week Plan. This app lets you plan your day, week and month. By blocking off time for tasks to be done, you set yourself a work stage for you to just put your head down and get your assignments finished. 

This app is available on Android OS and iOS devices. It is free, but for fancier and more organisational features, like SMS reminders, there is a fee.

Quick Tips for Week Plan 

  • When you put your tasks in, mark them based on priority and urgency. This way you are sure to stay on track and keep up with everything you need to get done, in the order they need to get done in. 

Anki for Testing Your Memory

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The one thing most exams require is the ability to remember what you learned. Everyone has their own way of studying for their examinations. With that in mind, a lot of people find that flashcards are very beneficial for memorizing formulas, terms or foreign vocabulary. However, making your own flashcards by hand is a waste of time and purchasing them is a waste of your resources. Plus,  you run the risk of possibly losing them. 

Anki helps you create your flashcards and keeps them safe on your laptop, tablet or mobile device. With this app, you create the type of flashcards that will work best to help you memorize your material – photos, text, videos or audio. 

Once your flashcards are created, you can start testing yourself. This app has a spaced repetition system which will show you flashcards when you’re going to forget them. This system makes sure you are given the best chance to remember the cards and saves you time when you review your material. It also helps you review your cards while you are on the way to your class or exam. 

This app is available on Android OS and iOS devices.

Quick Tips for Anki

  • Before creating your flashcard, check the shared Anki decks to make sure it doesn’t already exist, which will save you time. 
  • Whenever you are given material you know you need to memorize, make a flashcard – this will save you time later on. 
  • Go through your flashcards whenever you are studying for that particular class. This way you’ll make sure you memorize your cards before exam day, saving you from test-taking anxiety. 

Grammarly to Avoid Typos

As a student, you will have to write many essays and research papers. The research is easy enough, and the writing is easy once you get into the flow of things. But, the worst part of any research paper, presentation or anything written has got to be proofreading. 

Grammarly is a brilliant tool that will correct your text as you type and will help you make sure you are using correct spelling and grammar. Understanding grammar and spelling would be easy if there was one format in English, but when there are four – American, Australian, British, and Canadian – things can get a little confusing. You can copy and paste, or upload a document and work through fine tweaking your essay before sending it in. 

This app is available on Android OS and iOS, but to unlock all features – like plagiarism catching – you will need to pay a monthly or yearly fee. 

Quick Tips for Grammarly

  • The app compares your work against hundreds of websites online. So it may catch idioms and everyday sayings as plagiarized work – be sure to check.
  • You can also use it as a browser plugin so that whatever you write – Facebook posts, tweets, emails – will be corrected as you go.

Cite This for Me for Your Referencing Needs

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Writing papers can be a lot of fun, especially if the topic is one that really interests you. But referencing and citing documents, books or articles to create a bibliography can be very confusing and challenging. 

Cite This For Me is an easy application that helps you beat the confusion by creating the right references for you. The app has more than 7,000 bibliography styles which helps you make sure that it is written in the format that is required. 

Through this app, you can create projects, add quotes from books or journals, or annotate web pages, which makes the hardest part of writing a paper completely painless. To make things even easier, you can scan book codes with your phone to save them to your list. The app can help you even if you have a collaborated research paper to work on. You can invite your classmates to your group project, where they can add in their findings as well. 

This app is available on Android OS and iOS devices, meaning you can generate references on your laptop, tablet, or on the go on your mobile device. 

Quick Tips for Cite This for Me

  • You can use the highlighter function to create quotes for your paper automatically. 

Just because you are studying abroad, doesn’t mean that you keep your head in your books all the time. Remember: if you organize your tasks and assignments properly and use all the tools at your disposal, you will have the perfect balance between your school life and your social life. 

About the Writer: When she's not busy running, training or enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee, Amy Saraireh can be found editing to fill a blank page with the things she's learned or experienced.