The University of East London, located in London, England in the United Kingdom is made up of a vibrant community of 17,000 students from all the around the world. The school consists of four colleges: Applied Health and Communities; Arts, Technology and Innovation; Professional Services; and the Graduate School. Seasoned professionals and renowned researchers sit at the helm of all classes, ensuring that students receive the most innovative and relevant learning to further them in their professional and personal ambitions.  

Welcome to East London

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The University of East London is located in the east London area and is only separated from the heart of London by a short train ride. UEL has two campuses, one in Stratford and one in London Docklands. The main waterfront Docklands campus offers students a modern environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Unlike most London universities and colleges, UEL has on-campus accommodation for its students in close proximity to campus amenities. The Stratford campus is also well-located and only 15 minutes away from the famous London West End. Shopping, dining, and nightlife are easily accessible from both campuses and there is plenty for students to do – it is London, after all!

London is well-renowned as a historical city with a modern edge, filled with art, culture, dining, and entertainment. From Wimbledon to Canary Wharf, there is an abundance of activity and learning to be had in this wonderful city. East London itself is a place of on-going change and transformation as the location of the largest urban reconstruction program in Western Europe. There are many exciting things happening in the East London area and UEL is at the center of it all!

International Foundation Program – January Intake

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To accommodate all students, UEL offers many undergraduate and post-graduate programs beginning in the month of January. So, if you have missed UEL’s September application deadlines, there are plenty of courses available for you to begin in the January 2019 term, including the International Foundation Program.  

Created especially for international students, UEL’s International Foundation Program (IFP) is a pathway program that enables students who do not meet all academic requirements to still join the university. The school has partnered with Malvern House London International to offer international students a range of excellent pathway courses. The IFP programs also have January intakes for all of its courses.

The IFP aids international students in developing the skills and knowledge needed to move on to a mainstream undergraduate course at the university. IFP students are considered full UEL students, thereby giving them access to all university facilities and services. After successfully completing the foundation year, students can easily move on to a full degree-level study program without the hassle of re-applying for a new visa or to the university again. It is important to note that the academic requirements to enroll in UEL’s International Foundation Program differ depending on your country of study, so please visit the university website for more detailed information.

Quality of Learning

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The standards of learning are set high at the University of East London. The school implements a “learning by doing” philosophy that gives students the opportunity to work in real-life environments using skills they have learned through their classwork. Small class sizes ensure that faculty can give individual attention to students as needed and that interactive, engaging learning is more easily facilitated. Classroom discussion, research and critical thinking are just some of the learning tools that are encouraged at UEL to promote practical and superior learning at the university.

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Civic Engagement

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Civic engagement is at the forefront of UEL’s vision – the university strives to become London’s top university for civic engagement. With thousands of hours of volunteer time clocked each year, the students and staff at UEL are dedicated to make a difference in the community and the world. Students participate in off-campus projects that enhance learning while also helping the local or global community. There are numerous civic engagement projects underway through the University of East London, ranging from lung cancer awareness to promoting financial literacy. All students will benefit from these initiatives through hands-on learning and by also seeing for themselves the impact that even one person can make on the world at large.   

If you are interested in learning more about the University of East London’s International Foundation Program, click on its SchoolApply profile page for more details!    

About the Author: Muneeza Kizilbash grew up in the United States and Pakistan and was active in her university’s International Student Council. Now settled in Dubai, she loves to inform, educate and entertain her readers through her writing.