My name is Toyosi Omope and I live in Nigeria. I have three children, two of whom studied abroad. My son Tiwa studied Computer Science in Canada and later transferred to Canadian University Dubai. His admission was facilitated with ease by a reliable agency in Lagos, Nigeria. My daughter Temi studied Law in Nigeria for her undergraduate degree. She worked hard and as a result, her excellence was rewarded with a scholarship to complete her LL.M (Masters of Law) at the University of Toronto, Canada.

The opportunities came for both of them at different times. They were both inclined to the idea of better opportunities and finding new interests; it was also my desire to give my children the best education that I could afford.

How to pay tuition - parents in blog 1

International students pay more to Study abroad 2019. As a civil servant in Nigeria (though now retired from public office) and with a businessman as a husband, we had always had educational savings for our children. We had set up savings accounts for our children’s education quite early. In the early years, paying the tuition was convenient for us because of our savings. Subsequently, it became a little difficult due to the high exchange rates in Nigeria. Nonetheless, we were still able to afford the mandatory fees and we took the option provided by the university to pay the tuition in installments

For me, the advantages of an international education are too numerous to mention. The wide exposure it affords makes studies abroad a very good option for any parent. Moreover, the advanced technological methods now employed in teaching abroad usually bring out the best potential in students, allowing them to pursue their dreams. However, the biggest advantage of an international education is the opportunity to be gainfully employed thereafter.

How to pay tuition - parents in blog 1

So, to the parents who are planning to send their children abroad, yes, this is a sacrifice. But if you have passion for education and you are financially stable, its a price that can be paid. So start saving for your children's education now.

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