Butte College is a community college with 4 centers in Northern California in the United States, with its main campus located in the city of Oroville. The school offers two-year Associate Degrees, transfer pathways, certificates and Study abroad 2019 experience to students. With its student-centered teaching practices, high standards of education and excellent student support services, Butte College is ideally positioned to positively impact students academically and prepare them for further college studies and their future careers.

Butte College offers students choices and pathways to follow their academic dream. Students can begin their academic journey with Butte and explore options along the way with support from our international team and specialized advisors. The Butte College community can be your home away from home.

- Rachel Wood, International Program Coordinator, Butte College

Campus Location

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Oroville, California is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, just 75 miles away from Sacramento and 14 miles from the small city of Chico, a city of about 100,000 residents. Many international students choose to live in Chico and attend the Butte College campus located there.

The Butte College main campus in Oroville is truly a sight to behold. All 928 acres are part of a magnificent wildlife refuge and it has earned the honor of being the largest solarized campus in the country. The entire campus is run on 100% solar power, a first for any college or university in the United States. With these amazing advancements, the school has also been nationally recognized as a leader in sustainability.  

The Butte College Chico campus holds many activities and events that cater to the young student population. There are many outdoor activities that students can take part in, plus plenty of restaurants, cafes and live music venues to discover all across the town. The local community is very warm and welcoming, ensuring that all students find it easy to make the area their home away from home.

Outstanding Academics

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Butte College provides students with over 180 academic programs to choose from and also offers degrees with guaranteed transfers to California State Universities, Universities of California (UC’s) and out of state universities. The school successfully prepares students for their future education and careers through its hands-on learning modules, state-of-the-art technology and incredible student support. Butte College prides itself on the constant evaluation of its teaching programs and student services, ensuring that students are getting the very best in education and guidance. Graduates of the college are armed with critical thinking and self-evaluation skills, workforce training and a strong commitment to giving back to the community, helping alumni become productive members of today’s fast-paced and dynamic society.     

The Butte College Center for Academic Success also has a dedicated tutoring center that provides personalized and group tutoring and many informative seminars and workshops to students completely free of cost.

Experiences Outside the Classroom

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There are many social, cultural, educational and recreational activities organized through Butte College. The school endeavors to create a safe and comfortable space for all its students, even outside of class. Students can participate  in the many athletic events held on campus, get involved in student government, attend various events or even join a student club.

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International Students

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As an international student at Butte College, you can enjoy the support and guidance of a dedicated team of teachers and counselors to help you adjust to life in a new country, surrounded by a foreign culture and language. With small class sizes, free transportation services and low school fees, Butte College is a popular college choice for many overseas students. Students can take advantage of the numerous resources offered on campus to help them get used to their new surroundings and new academic environment.

If you are interested in finding out more about Butte College, simply click here for more details and information.

About the Co-Author: Muneeza Kizilbash grew up in the United States and Pakistan and was active in her university’s International Student Council. Now settled in Dubai, she loves to inform, educate and entertain her readers through her writing.