Founded in 1965, Medicine Hat College (MHC) is a public community college located in the city of Medicine Hat, in Alberta, Canada. With over 8000 students enrolled, MHC runs on a student-centric philosophy providing personalized attention and outstanding teaching so students can achieve maximum academic and personal growth.

Medicine Hat College emphasizes small classes, high-quality instruction, and excellent student support. By incorporating a global focus in our programming, serving a diverse range of Canadian and international students, and providing opportunities for work and Study abroad 2019, the College aims to provide all learners with opportunities to develop the skills and attitudes required to function successfully in an interconnected global society.

- Saurabh Vashisht, International Student Recruitment Officer, Medicine Hat College

Welcome to Canada

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Travel up north to Medicine Hat, Canada and kick-start your higher education! The beautiful city is flanked by the majestic South Saskatchewan River and is approximately 300 kilometers away from the larger city of Calgary. The sunny city has many waterways cutting through it, creating a beautiful valley backdrop for the Medicine Hat College campus. The city has a relaxed vibe and a multitude of art, cultural and outdoor activities.

Worried about your personal safety after having moved so far away from home? At MHC, you do not have to worry, as Medicine Hat has the lowest crime rate in the province of Alberta!

Plenty to See and Do

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MHC has the highest student satisfaction rate in the province of Alberta and with so many things to see and do in Medicine Hat, it comes as no surprise! Students can enjoy golfing, go-karting or bowling. With all the rivers winding through the area, fishing is a very popular sport among Alberta residents. If cultural activities are of more interest to you, then head to the Esplanade to discover the city’s growing art scene and also enjoy music, dance and theater. You can even go on an art walk to the city’s eight art galleries or spend a day in one of numerous parks. Food lovers will not be unhappy with the variety and amount of dining options in the city – you are sure to find something delicious that you love.   

Academics at MHC

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Medicine Hat College features five different types of academic programming. They offer certificate, diploma and applied degree programs along with university transfer programs. The school has partnerships with degree-granting institutions allowing for collaborative undergraduate degrees to be offered to students. College entrance programs that prepare students for post-secondary studies and pre-employment and apprenticeship opportunities are also offered.

Boasting a low student to faculty ratio with an average class size of 18 students, MHC harbors a student-centered philosophy, where students receive the attention and support they need from dedicated and understanding professors. MHC places strong importance on research activities, believing that it fosters innovation and augments its high-quality programming.

Guiding You on Your Journey

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Medicine Hat College aims to support its students in both academic and personal development. In this regard, the school delivers many academic resources to its students to aid them in their college journey. The school has Academic Advisors who are dedicated to helping students reach their goals and also to help understand school policies and procedures. The advisors guide and support their students in reaching their full potential while studying at MHC by helping them plan their degree program, leading them to the many school resources, and by supporting those who may be struggling in their classes or adjusting to college life. Academic Coaching is also available to help students evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, interests and goals in order to analyze and understand their best academic and career path.

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Students can also work with Writing Specialists who give students writing support in all their assignments and projects. Tutoring services are also available to all MHC students who need extra help with their classwork. Tutoring is available in all levels and in a wide range of courses, ranging from English and Mathematics, to Biology and Social Studies.

The Student Employment and Career Centre provides students with online job boards, career fairs, job search assistance, workshops and access to a wide range of employers. All this and more awaits students at Medicine Hat College!

EAP Pathway Program

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The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program at MHC is a flexible and dynamic program that allows students to attend classes for a few weeks to brush up on their English skills, or they can complete the full program to meet the  English proficiency requirements for their higher education. The full-time program, which is 24 hours per week, is comprised of English training designed to enable and empower students to succeed in a Canadian academic environment.  

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About the Author: Muneeza Kizilbash grew up in the United States and Pakistan and was active in her university’s International Student Council. Now settled in Dubai, she loves to inform, educate and entertain her readers through her writing.