International students around the world look forward to beginning their academic studies abroad. However, living and studying in a new country comes with its own set of questions and worries. Here are some common concerns that many overseas students have along with some helpful information and guidance from the international organization INTO on how to navigate these issues and alleviate any fears.    

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What if my English language skills are not good enough for university abroad?

INTO works hand-in-hand with universities in the US and the UK and students of the program have access to university academic and social services and activities. English support modules and services are available for students to improve their English language reading, writing and speaking skills. There are also international student organizations for numerous nationalities at all schools to help students integrate in their new home.

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Are there standardized tests I need to take to Study abroad?

Universities often require international students to sit for English-language proficiency tests such as IELTS, SELT or TOEFL exams to ensure that students have the necessary language skills to be able to keep up with the course teachings. INTO’s Enrollment Services Team helps students understand what testing needs to be completed and can also direct students to local test centers.

How do I know which visa to apply for?

INTO provides Visa Support Services to international students who have been accepted to an INTO program. Each country has its own documents and processes in place in order to obtain student visas. INTO’s helpful staff members make the process easier to understand and also guide students every step of the way until they have their visa in hand.  

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I don’t know which program to apply to, how do I make a decision?

If you are unsure about which program you want to apply to overseas, an International Foundation course (or Pathway programs as they are known in the US) may be the best way to go. International Foundation programs take place before you begin your degree and they are designed to help you settle into university life in a new country and consist of both English and other academic courses. This gives students the time to familiarize themselves with the university, the professors, and the courses that are on offer before they commit to a degree program.

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How will I make new friends in a foreign country?

Meeting new people and making new friends can be daunting at any time, but especially when you are in a new place, far away from home. INTO understands how difficult this can be and helps students interact with one another through organized activities. Classes are designed to help students integrate, connect, and make friends, with group work and field trips playing a huge part in the experience. Students also make some of their closest connections in their accommodation, where they often share a kitchen and living area and have plenty of opportunities to socialise and get to know one another.

Is the study abroad experience worth the money?

Many students question whether studying abroad is worth all the time, effort and money – they wonder what exactly they receive in return other than a degree.

Abdulrahim, a Petroleum Engineer and an INTO alumni from the Sultanate of Oman says this about his experience at INTO Manchester and in the UK: “Coming back home [after INTO Manchester and university], it’s been fantastic. I really think I benefited a lot from my years in the UK. Seeing the qualifications I got, it definitely gave me an edge on other applicants. [Employers] could see that I have learned many skills, other than just what’s in the books. On a day-to-day basis, my job involves consulting with different engineers in the petroleum industry. I have to have really good communication skills and this is one thing I learned from my years in the UK.”

Can I afford the tuition and cost of living while studying abroad?

When you decide to study away from home, you need to prepare a budget of the costs and expenses that you will incur: tuition, books, cost of living, health insurance, etc. INTO can offer payment plans on request and also offers scholarships to international students based on academic merit.

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