The Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship is an annual scholarship for an international student with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong startup idea. SchoolApply will award up to $30,000 USD to the winning student’s university to cover tuition and school costs.

SchoolApply launched the Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship to support highly motivated students who wish to positively contribute to society through their studies, have a sincere interest in increasing intercultural understanding and exchange, and have a strong business idea and implementation plan.

The deadline for submitting your scholarship application is October 1, 2018, so make sure you apply early!


First things first, to be eligible for the SchoolApply Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship you must have a secondary school certificate and be a current university student (undergraduate or postgraduate) or about to enter your first year of university. You must also be an international student studying abroad and a non-native, fluent English speaker.  

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To win an annual scholarship award of $30,000


Register with SchoolApply and complete the online scholarship application. Within the application, you can tell us the details of your startup idea and share your business plan.


SchoolApply's Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship will be applied towards the cost of your tuition, paid directly to the university of your choosing.

Get started now! Click on this link to join SchoolApply and submit your scholarship application by the October 1, 2018 deadline.