Trine University is a private university located in the state of Indiana in the mid-western United States. Established over 130 years ago, the school is committed to providing excellence in programs, faculty, activities and lifestyle to its students year after year.

As Executive Director of International Services, I invite you to join our intimate, innovative, and vibrant campus community. With acclaimed engineering, business, humanities, health sciences, and science programs, an expert, caring faculty, and a beautiful 450-acre campus with state-of-the art facilities and residences, you will become part of a community – a family – that has existed since 1884. With this rich heritage of academic excellence and tradition, Trine University prepares our amazing and talented international students to lead, succeed, and serve.

- David M. Colbert, Executive Director - Office of International Services, Trine University

SchoolApply interviewed Chinazam Okoroafor, a student from Nigeria who is currently attending Trine University, to find out what makes Trine so attractive to overseas students from all around the world.  

Trine University

Location: Angola, Indiana (US)

Student Name: Chinazam Okoroafor

From: Nigeria

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Quick-Fire Questions

Favorite class: My favorite class last semester was trigonometry. I really liked the way my professor taught the class. He was incredibly approachable and patient in a way that helped us better understand later topics. His office hours and study sessions were also really helpful!

Things you love about Trine University: I love the beginning of spring when the trees on campus bloom with lovely flowers. I also love the size of Trine. It has this family-feel about it that makes one feel included and not swallowed up or overwhelmed, and there are always activities and events to get involved in.

Five words to describe Trine University: Family, Diverse, Adaptable, Unique, Eventful

Tell us a little about yourself…

I am an energetic and driven-to-succeed girl from Nigeria and I had never been to the United States before university. With that said, I adapt really well to new environments.

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How did you hear about Trine University and what made you decide to study in the United States?

The standard of education in the United States is exceptional and incredibly rewarding. I decided to pursue my education in the US because of the multifaceted opportunities available here. Trine University offered me that wonderful opportunity that everyone is yearning for: learning in a renowned ABET-accredited university in a very patient, embracing and vibrant environment, while meeting people from all walks of life and coming together as a family.

Did you have any problems adjusting to life in a new country and university?

Yes, I did! I had issues with the weather – my home country, Nigeria, is a tropical country, so I had no experience with winter. Adjusting to the winter season was not easy and this showed by my falling sick a few weeks after my arrival.

What degree are you pursuing and why?

My major is Chemical Engineering and I chose to study this because my dad owns an oil servicing/corrosion control company and he will be retiring soon.

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What were your first few days at Trine University like?

COLD and exciting! I arrived in January for the spring semester and I was ill-prepared for the weather. Nevertheless, I was fascinated by the number of activities displayed on the information screens and the warm welcome I received from everybody! I was not present for orientation and I thought that I would be lagging in the experience and opportunity of introduction to fellow students; however, I am pleased to say that I was wrong. I was very well-assisted in my registration of classes and everything in general.

Are you taking part in any extracurricular activities?

Yes, I am! I challenged myself before coming to Trine – I planned to get out of my comfort zone and participate in as many activities as I could at university, and that panned out well! I volunteered for events on campus, attended games, joined two organizations, and participated in discussion classes. I intend on breaking my last semester’s record of activities in the next school year!

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What has your academic and social experience been like as an international student at Trine?  

It has been amazing! I’ve learned a lot since I arrived at Trine and I have tried new things that I never thought I would. For example, I now know how to say ‘hello’ in fifteen languages and I have also learned a few words in Japanese!

As an international student, I gain different perspectives from the domestic students and fellow international students as well. Trine University has a unique way of incorporating the international students in the school and making us feel welcomed and appreciated, which is why I included “family” in my five-word description of Trine.

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The highlight of my experience so far has been our Trine International Night! There were booths with informational boards of different countries along with various cuisines and performances afterward. That day was truly my best day yet at Trine!

What are your plans after you graduate?

My major, Chemical Engineering, is a STEM field major and that means I am eligible to work in the United States for three years on my F1 visa, so my plan after graduating is to work in the US and attain my Master’s Degree!

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What would you say to international students who are considering studying at Trine University?

Bring two coats for the winter! More so, Trine is a university that is home to many international students like you. Because of the size, you’ll be assisted and will get to know your professors – who are excellent by the way – on a one-on-one basis! Also, from one international student to another, I can honestly say you will have a great and unforgettable overall experience at this institution! There is something for everyone at Trine University and there’s no room for a mediocre experience; you can get everything you want…and more. Most importantly, Trine has an outstanding 99% employment rate!

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