Are you an international student lacking sufficient qualifications to apply for university in the United Kingdom? This is a common occurrence among overseas students and Oxford Brookes University offers an easy way to overcome the problem – apply to their highly-rated international foundation courses.  

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There are many students around the world who have ambitions of traveling to the UK for their higher education. Some students’ secondary school qualifications, however, may not be recognized by universities in the UK. This is where a foundation program becomes essential – it  bridges the gap between a students current knowledge and what is required by UK universities.

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The Oxford Brookes Foundation Program lasts one academic year and it helps international students improve their English skills, prepares them for life and higher studies in the UK, and also completes the qualifications needed to apply to a UK university. The foundation courses enhance writing, research and study skills while involving students in seminars and group work to further their knowledge.

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Studying a foundation course at Oxford Brookes University guarantees students admission to the university’s Bachelor’s Degree programs as long as they pass the foundation course with sufficient marks. While completing the foundation year, students will even be able to take some bachelor-level classes as part of the program. Once successfully completed, the course credits are accepted by not only Oxford Brookes, but also these other top universities in the University Pathway Alliance: Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Queen Mary, Kent, Reading and Southampton.

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Besides living and studying in the famous city of Oxford, foundation students at Oxford Brookes have the privilege of being considered full-time students with access to the same facilities and support services as degree students. All foundation students have personal academic advisers who guide them throughout their time at the school. The university professors and lecturers are all very experienced and committed to helping students complete the foundation and move forward in obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree. Each core foundation class has no more than 18 students, ensuring that students receive individual attention from professors and can work in small groups together with other classmates. The student population at Oxford Brookes is very diverse and there are students from over 40 countries within the international foundation course alone.

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The Oxford Brookes University Foundation Program is also one of the most affordable in the UK, and besides this, you can even apply for the £4,000 international foundation scholarship after receiving your acceptance offer.

If you wish to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in the UK and need more academic preparation to meet the entry requirements, a foundation year at Oxford Brookes University could be perfect for you. Visit SchoolApply to start your application now!