Suzhou Centennial College (SCC) offers international students the opportunity to earn a Canadian college diploma or graduate certificate in China. The high-quality Canadian education programs at SCC offer ministry-recognized credentials from the Centennial College Business School, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, and the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts.

We have an excellent team of faculty members, and we have a beautiful campus with scenic surroundings. You are welcome to visit our campus, to exchange your experience with us, and get in touch with our academic community on campus and in the city of Suzhou. The mission of our college is ‘For students, for excellence, for each life to thrive.

- Xiaojiang Yang, President, Suzhou Centennial College

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SUZHOU - The Venice of the East

Suzhou is a beautiful city near Shanghai, the largest city in China. Suzhou Centennial College is located in the Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, within Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), the most competitive industrial development zone in China and host to a large number of national and international companies. The area is home to 26 post-secondary educational institutions and more than 100,000 students.

At SCC, students enjoy being part of a thriving academic, professional and social community that gives students the opportunity to live in an international urban area in a comfortable living environment. Students have easy access to subway transportation so they can enjoy nearby sites and attractions, such as the SIP Innovation District, Time Square, and the Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre. Culture and beauty surround the area. Students can explore the many canals, water towns and traditional Chinese ancient gardens that give Suzhou its nickname as the “Venice of the East” and one of the top tourist attractions in China.

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Gurpreet Singh, a current Financial Services Program student at Suzhou Centennial College, says, “The city of Suzhou is really good and suitable for internationals because the structure and facilities are set up on international parameters. There is a good environment for foreign students, plus everything we are learning is according to the Canadian standards of Centennial College programs. We also get to experience the great city of Suzhou, and learn about Chinese language and culture.

The Suzhou programs are linked to industry, replicating the Ontario, Canada model known for the partnership between governments, industry and education to produce graduates that meet industry needs. We see the China campus as an opportunity for students to learn how business is done in the east

- Virginia Macchiavello, Executive Director, International Education, Centennial College 

New Pathways to College and University in Canada

As the first and only Canadian college in China, Suzhou Centennial College helps students to access future education and career opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere. All SCC programs offer articulated pathways to programs at Centennial College campuses in Toronto, Canada. All Centennial College academic programs offered at SCC in China are delivered in English. In addition, Suzhou Centennial College offers students optional introductory Mandarin language and culture classes.

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Students can take the Business or Hospitality Foundations program (8 months) in China to prepare and qualify for programs at Centennial in Toronto, Canada. This means that students can start their program in China and apply to complete their final year in Canada.

SCC is always looking out for its students to ensure that they receive the proper support and guidance required for them to excel in their professional futures. For instance, students can join special English Language Learning courses offered at SCC if so required. Also, the Centennial College English Assessment test is offered directly on campus at SCC in China. This enables students to meet the college’s English requirements without having to take the IELTS. Students can also enroll in the college’s Business or Hospitality Foundation programs if they need extra academic assistance.

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After successfully completing an academic program from SCC in China, Centennial’s International Education Office in Suzhou supports students in applying for a Canadian study permit through the Canadian Embassy in China.

The international relations office is mainly responsible for student services and activities for international students at Suzhou Centennial College. On behalf of myself, my staff, and even the entire faculty and staff team, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere hope to welcome international students from around the world to study at SCC. We will do our very best to make you feel at home.

- Aaron Chen, Director, Office of International Relations

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Educational Partnerships and International Experience

Suzhou has one of the world’s fastest growing economies and is one of the largest international trading partners. The Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is home to 93 of the top 500 companies in the world and there are also 27 post-secondary institutions located here.

In 2016, Centennial College celebrated 20 years of educational partnerships in China. The school was created in association with Suzhou University of Science and Technology and Centennial College in Toronto, Canada.

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It’s not only students and parents who choose Suzhou Centennial College – government and businesses recognize the institution for its high quality of instruction, expert management, and world-class campus environment. For example, the Institute for Training and Development of Human Resources (IFARHU) in Panama selected Suzhou Centennial College to deliver Mandarin education in China to 45 students sponsored by the government of Panama as part of an important professional training program.

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Furthermore, the Korean Global Practical Training Program (GPPT) selected Suzhou Centennial College to promote university students’ employability. Last semester, four students from Hanyang Women's University in South Korea successfully completed a semester exchange at Suzhou Centennial College, including internships at Crown Plaza Hotel in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP).

Almost 900 students are already studying at Suzhou Centennial College, including students from China, India, South Korea, Africa and Panama. With the support of Centennial’s International Offices in China, graduates from the first intake of Suzhou Centennial College have successfully obtained Canadian student visas and are enrolled at Centennial College in Toronto.

If you are looking for an amazing international academic opportunity in one of the fastest growing regions of the world, then look no further than Suzhou Centennial College. Apply with SchoolApply