Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is located in Ireland’s lively capital city of Dublin and it is the country’s largest technological institute of higher education. Students come from all around the world to attend the college and 10% of all students in higher education in Ireland study at DIT. The college is ranked in the top 4% of universities internationally and alumni include leading artists, writers, politicians and entrepreneurs.

Enjoy a Well-balanced Campus Life

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With a student body of over 20,000 individuals representing 60 different countries from around the world, Dublin Institute of Technology is a melting pot of cultures, languages and backgrounds. The school has a warm, friendly atmosphere and there is always something fun happening on campus, from live music and art shows to cultural events and community outreach.

DIT encourages students to join college clubs or societies – there are over 120 different groups to choose from so students are sure to find something that interests them or they can start a new group! It costs less than 10 Euros to join a group for the year, and it is a wonderful way to meet new people, gain new experiences, travel, or even practice leadership skills. DIT Societies are all run by students and are supported by campus staff. Campus societies are an integral part of student life at DIT and the school acknowledges and supports these extra-curricular groups to maintain student well-being and foster a close-knit school community.

Benefit From Small Classes

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The class sizes at DIT are kept small so that students are guaranteed to receive personal attention from their professors and a more focused learning experience overall. Smaller teaching groups and class sizes ensure that students receive a more focused learning experience and additional help when needed. International students are also more likely to thrive in a small class setting that encourages getting to know teachers and classmates faster and better.

Learn From Seasoned Professionals

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The faculty and staff at Dublin Institute of Technology are skilled in their subjects and offer students a deep understanding of their course material. Beyond conventional lectures, professors at DIT use experiential, hands-on learning to ensure that students can apply the subjects in the real world.

Of special note, 50% of the staff in the DIT School of Engineering held positions in the industry, so they deeply understand how the class material will be applied in students’ practical lives and in their future careers. The other 50% of the School of Engineering faculty hold doctoral degrees in the subject and have been lecturing and teaching for many years. The academic and professional expertise in the department gives students an excellent perspective on the engineering subject.

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DIT’s engineering program is accredited by Engineers Ireland, which is a signatory of the Washington Accord, giving graduates of the program Chartered Status and international recognition in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.

Receive Career Support

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A degree from Dublin Institute of Technology gives students excellent industry connections and job opportunities. The Career Services Office assists students with lucrative work placements and much more. The staff aims to help students identify their skills and interests to help them choose a suitable career path. Students are kept aware of job opportunities and are taught how to market themselves effectively to potential employers. The Career Services Office offers career consultations and advice, helps students finalize their CVs, practices interview skills and gives students access to career fairs and employer visits.

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