In today’s global and interconnected world, having a firm grasp of both spoken and written English is more important than ever before. This is especially true for students from non-English-speaking countries who are interested in furthering their studies abroad, which opens up a world of employment opportunities in countries and markets around the globe.

In addition to being the fourth most widely spoken native language, English is also the most spoken second language around the world. It is this universal connectivity that has led English to be used as the primary language in international affairs, global trade, diplomacy, commerce and tourism.  

Despite advances in language translation software, English also remains the undisputed language of the online world. From software and apps to social media platforms and peer-to-peer review sites, English serves as a  common communication tool. Without a good understanding of this digital language, you are sure to be left behind in the tech-driven world.

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For international students looking to study at a university in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Singapore, English is even more important as it’s the primary language of instruction. Being able to speak English fluently is essential for studying and to ensure that you get accepted to the university of your dreams. That’s where English Language Preparation Programs come in.

These specialized courses aim to teach the language skills necessary to successfully study a degree course and to improve overall language skills too. These courses not only aim to make you feel more confident in your academic ability, but also more comfortable in your new academic surroundings and culture. You’ll be taught the art of critical thinking and writing English in an academic style, ensuring that you use sources and reference them properly. Quick and efficient note-taking is also key, as this is a vital skill to master in the university environment.

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When you enroll in an English Preparation Program, you’ll soon notice improved reading speed and accuracy. Plus, you can put your newfound language skills to the test by practicing speaking English in front of an audience in a formal situation - a very important skill for achieving success in an academic environment.

Do you need to improve your English before you start your undergraduate or postgraduate program? Luckily, there are a host of excellent English Language Preparation Programs available that are aimed at doing just that. Students are usually able to enroll in English Language Preparation Programs in January or April. The courses run through the summer and are completed in time to apply for undergraduate studies in September.

Here are some of our top choices for English Language Preparation Programs in the United Kingdom:

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