Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC) offers specialized foundation courses to prepare international students for their higher university education. DIFC has successfully placed thousands of students in partner universities and colleges throughout Ireland and the UK.

DIFC is a great option for non-EU students after finishing High School in their home country to prepare them for onward progression to top Universities in Ireland, UK, Europe, and USA. Students will be guaranteed a place on a relevant Degree program at one of our Partner Universities based on the grades they achieve on the International Foundation Year program at DIFC in Ireland. DIFC also offers pathway to Medicine as well.

- David Moroney, Marketing Director, DIFC, Ireland

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SchoolApply interviewed Ahmed Barakat, an international student currently enrolled in DIFC, to find out what makes the college a great place to study, grow and learn.


Location:  Dublin, Ireland

Student Name: Ahmed Barakat

Age: 17

From: Egypt / UAE

Graduation: 2018

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Favorite class: Chemistry. I am captivated by the concepts behind each Chemistry lecture and the subject’s applicability and practicality.  

Favorite event: My favorite event is Sports Day since it conveys a great message and raises awareness about an individual’s health. I also like this event because it allows students to interact and compete for prizes.

Five words to describe Dublin International Foundation College: Lively, Challenging, Intense, Enjoyable, Amusing

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what countries have you visited?

I am originally from Egypt; however, I was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. I call the UAE my home as I lived and studied there for 17 years. I have also visited the United States to satisfy my inquisitive character and visit the monuments which I have always found peculiar and interesting. I have also visited numerous historical sites in Ireland since I started my course here at Dublin International Foundation College.

What are you studying at DIFC and why did you choose this program?

I am currently enrolled in the Health and Science foundation course at DIFC as I hope to pursue a medical degree in the future. I want to study medicine because I have always been fascinated by science, the human body specifically. I believe that being able to diagnose and prevent a threatening illness is an extremely noble task. After I graduate, I plan to work in Ireland in a hospital and, after gaining enough experience, I hope to open a clinic in the city of Dublin.

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Why did you decide to pursue your education in Ireland and specifically at Dublin International Foundation College?

Ireland, specifically Dublin, is widely known for its reputable medical programs, so I decided to come here to obtain my medical degree. However, as this is my first time to travel and live independently, I opted to go through a foundation course to ease my way into university life. My experience at DIFC has helped me bridge my knowledge and skills and become an independent student who wisely manages priorities.      

Did you have any issues adjusting to life in Dublin or university?

Travelling around the city was initially challenging for me, but Dublin is a very active city and it is culturally diverse and really safe. Adjusting to the local weather has actually been the only real obstacle!

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What has your experience been like as an international student at Dublin International Foundation College?

Being a student at DIFC is a great privilege! The campus is located close to the city center in a lively area with numerous bus stops and many shops and attractions nearby. This makes it a very convenient location! The college also organizes many social events that help increase the interaction between students and help facilitate new friendships.

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What were your first few days at the DIFC like?

When I first arrived at DIFC, I was very excited to start my course and I really liked the campus. The small campus size meant everything was accessible and it did not take very long to get from class to class. I realized early on that the entire community is extremely friendly and everyone always has a smile on their face. The DIFC staff were noticeably experienced and always there to support students in everything from accommodation to university applications.

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How has Dublin International Foundation College prepared you for life after college?

DIFC has instilled new numerous skills within me. It has also helped me in becoming a successful social student, rather than only focusing on studies all the time. DIFC has also enhanced my academic knowledge to such an extent that I feel like I will have an edge over other students when I attend university.

What would you say to international students who are considering studying at Dublin International Foundation College?

I would strongly recommend attending a foundation course at DIFC as a stepping stone to getting enrolled into your desired university. DIFC has lucrative relationships with partner universities and the faculty and staff are very supportive. I have received a great level of education at DIFC and I feel confident and prepared to embark on my further medical studies.

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