Canadian University Dubai recently introduced five new, specialised academic programmes that give the university, and its students, a vital edge over the competition.

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is based in downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates – a welcoming city boasting almost perpetual sunshine and an impressive array of excellent accomplishments. CUD offers the two-fold advantage of a robust Canadian academic curriculum along with exposure to local and international culture. They are over 100 nationalities represented at CUD and the diverse campus community seamlessly melds with the multi-cultural environment of Dubai.

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A modern university with high international exposure, CUD is committed to providing its students with every opportunity to achieve academic excellence and personal growth. As a result of its student-centered culture, the university has responded, not only to the needs of its students but of leading employers around the world, by adding five new distinctive educational programmes to its curriculum.

New and innovative academic programmes

To meet with the students and global demand, Canadian University Dubai is launching five exciting new Bachelor’s programmes (BBA degrees):

- Forensic Accounting
- Events and Tourism
- Luxury Marketing
- Operations and Supply Chain Management
- Sports Management

Each new subject has been identified as a key area for growth around the world. These programmes have been thoroughly researched to ensure that they provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s challenging and dynamic environment.

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Did you follow the Enron scandal or Bernie Madoff’s stock and securities fraud? Imagine being at the centre of these cases… or better yet, imagine being able to prevent such events. Canadian University Dubai's BBA in Forensic Accounting will enable students to do just that. The new programme gives students a solid foundation in how to prevent, detect and investigate fraud through industry-relevant core classes and related electives. These classes help students build and develop crucial skills for their field, such as; interrogation and interviewing; evidence sourcing; identifying fraudulent financial-statement schemes; managing legal issues relating to fraud; and computer-fraud techniques, as well as, critical thinking and complex problem-solving.

Research over the past 30 years has revealed that fraud is a widespread problem throughout the business world. As a result of highly publicized financial scandals such as Enron and Bernie Madoff, student demand for forensic accounting education has increased dramatically and CUD has made the pertinent changes to meet this demand.

Students who excel in deductive reasoning, are detail-oriented and possess analytical proficiency are ideal candidates for CUD’s Forensic Accounting programme. Graduates of the new programme are sure to be in demand by employers and can look forward to careers as law enforcement officers, treasury agents, government auditors, internal auditors, insurance loss prevention specialists, corporate security specialists, private investigators and fraud control specialists.

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Do you want a career where your management, marketing, communication and networking skills are put to good use? Look no further than CUD’s new BBA in Events & Tourism Management. This programme offers students a strong background in business studies, general culture, product design and tourism service-management. Students of this programme will take classes in tourism and hospitality management, event and festival management, recreation and tourism, tourism destinations, events marketing, and tourism development.

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Tourism in the UAE is vital to the country’s future economic growth. Did you know that in 2015, earnings from tourism accounted for 8.7% of the UAE’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? Add to this the fact that the emirate of Dubai aims to bring 20 million visitors per year to its shores by building new attractions and promoting Dubai as the ultimate business, event, and entertainment destination. With all this focus on events and tourism, it is essential to have professionals who have specialised knowledge and training in these fields and CUD’s BBA in Events & Tourism Management supports this very need.  

Upon graduating with this degree, students will be fielding offers from government departments, tourism organizations, events companies, marketing agencies, PR firms, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants.

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Luxury Marketing. The very sound of this ultra-sleek new CUD undergraduate programme exudes exclusivity and importance. Students of CUD’s BBA in Luxury Marketing programme will learn how to design custom-made marketing strategies for the luxury market and understand brand strategies. The programme will provide students with industry-specific insights into the marketing of luxury goods, such as product features, pricing strategies, retail management, and advertising activities. This tenable knowledge will enable students to thoroughly understand the opportunities or threats that may arise in the luxury brand market.  

The statistics behind the luxury goods market in Dubai and the UAE are staggering. Dubai is currently the 10th largest city in the world in luxury consumption and the luxury market in the GCC is expected to grow at an average rate of 8% over the next five years. With many high-end brands operating in the region, it is no wonder that luxury marketing professionals are in high demand. As the only university in the UAE offering students a degree in Luxury Marketing, CUD is addressing a crucial gap in the region by giving students the opportunity to grow and advance in this niche market.

With this esteemed degree in hand, graduates will be able to find competitive positions in marketing agencies, luxury retailers, PR firms, luxury hotels and restaurants and travel agencies.

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Within many successful companies, the Operations and Supply Chain departments prove to be the heart of the organisations. Canadian University Dubai’s newly launched BBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management rightly acknowledges the importance of these fields. The programme teaches students about logistics and transportation management, purchasing, procurement and supply management, supply chain sustainability, supply chain legal environments, project management and much more. The programme prepares graduates to meet future challenges in the ever-changing manufacturing and service sectors’ environment.

Did you know that CUD’s BBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management programme is also addressing a vital need in the region? The logistics and supply chain industry contributed to nearly 14 percent of the UAE’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2015. The sector has played a vital role in the country’s sustained economic growth and the demand for supply chain and procurement professionals for the manufacturing sector has increased dramatically as the construction, infrastructure, retail, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), and healthcare sectors continue to grow rapidly in the local area.

If you are wondering what type of career you can expect with such a degree, let us fill you in. Successful graduates of this programme can procure a position as a Contracts Manager, Trade Compliance Manager, Bid Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Warehouse Manager, Senior Contract Engineer… and the list goes on.

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If you are passionate about sports and are interested in finding a job where you can both, fuel your passion and build a career, then definitely consider CUD’s new BBA in Sports Management programme. The new programme focuses on the business and management aspects of the sporting industry and the core of this programme revolves around accounting, finance, economics, management, operations and supply chain management as well as marketing and sports law.  

With this degree in hand, graduates will not have to look far to gain their first professional position. Dubai has world-class sports facilities and venues that host numerous local, regional and international teams and events throughout the year. The sporting industry is a multi-million dollar business in the UAE (that’s right, MULTI-MILLION) and it will continue to grow as more elite sporting events are held every year in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As a result of this growth, employers are now clamouring for sports management professionals who can successfully navigate the region’s nascent sports industry and help expand the market.

Graduates of this programme can find employment in a wide array of fields, such as sports marketing, sales, advertising, administration and sports management, research, consulting and entrepreneurship.

These programs start on March 4; Apply NOW!