We all know that every person is uniquely different and completely individual in their preferences. It’s a simple fact: what works for you may not work for someone else.

For many students, the idea of spending long days in freezing cold temperatures and being knee-deep in snow is a complete dream – for others, not so much. And for other students, the idea of brilliant sunshine and warm weather that allows for outdoor activities is the ultimate dream!

There are hundreds of lists out there that offer the best universities, but to a certain degree, all these lists are based on preferences. It is completely and utterly subjective to what you, as an individual, prefer. SchoolApply can help you narrow the lists down and target the universities that will help you develop and grow.

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So, let’s get to it. What season appeals to you more than any other? Is it the short days and long nights of winter? Or the long days and the short nights of summer?

The Delightful Sun

Are you the type of person that thrives when the skies are clear and the temperatures are high? Does the warm and sunny weather bring out the best in you?

If those two questions had you nodding your head in agreement, then you’re definitely a summer lover. If the warm temperatures put a smile on your face and get your thinking cap revving, then you should be looking for a college sitting under the sun. There are so many colleges and universities around the globe that see brilliant sunshine almost every single day of the year.

The Delightful Sun: Where to Study?

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The United Arab Emirates is well known for breaking world records and basking in the sun year-round. The country also houses plenty of well-established universities and colleges. Canadian University Dubai, Emirates Academy of Hospitality, the Institute of Management Technology [IMT] Dubai, and SAE Dubai are just a few of the many educational institutions you could apply to.

The United States of America offers a vast range of climates between all its borders. California and Florida are famous for having incredible beach weather throughout the year. Florida, the Sunshine State, offers brilliant institutions like Florida State University or Hillsborough Community College. While California, the Golden State, hosts established educational facilities like Santa Barbara City College or Fresno Pacific University.\

The Delightful Sun: Preparation is Key!

There are so many colleges and universities that suit all your needs. Of course, if you’re moving to a place where the sun never really sets, then you’ll need to prepare yourself for a few things.

Where there is sun, water, and sand, there is also heat and humidity. The summers may get a little too hot, but rest assured that you’ll always find a place to cool down with air conditioning in almost all indoor facilities.

Make sure you’re ready for the summertime heat by investing in breathable clothing – like linen and cotton items – as well as some sturdy flip-flops. When things get a little too hot outside, you can always have some fun inside by exploring museums, major attractions, or even go out for movie night.

The Chilly Breeze

Are you the type of person that appreciates a cloudy sky and the blowing wind? Does the wet and rainy weather make you smile from ear to ear?

If you gave a positive answer to these questions  then you’re definitely a winter lover. If the chilly air gets your productivity levels soaring to new heights, then you need to be looking for a school that welcomes the clouds and the stormy skies. There are plenty of universities and colleges all around the world that are regularly visited by cold winds and snow-filled clouds.

The Chilly Breeze: Where to Study?

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Canada is a country known for its maple syrup (and yes, people do suspect that Canadian money is laced in maple syrup, too!] and it’s super cold temperatures. The country offers international students many fantastic institutions to study – Carleton University, Centennial College, and Cape Breton University are just a few.

With temperatures dropping to as low as -10ºC, maybe Canada is a little too cold for you. Perhaps the United Kingdom would suit you better. The UK is well-known for its unpredictable wet weather, cold winters, and chilly summer nights. The UK is home to many old and famous universities scattered across different countries. The Edinburgh Napier University, INTO University of Stirling, and Northumbria University are just a few of the universities you could apply to.

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The Chilly Breeze: Preparation is Key!

Wherever you go in the world, you will always be able to find an institute that can take care of all your requirements while helping you carve out your future. However, if you’re moving to a place where the clouds rarely leave the sky, then you’ll need to be prepared for cold, colder, and let’s-go-skiing cold weather conditions!

The sun might not be out, but you’ll never have to feel cold. You’ll need to make sure you’re ready for any type of cold weather. So, make sure you always have an umbrella at the ready, gloves and a scarf tucked away in your backpack, and a pair of good welly boots!

The cold weather is perfect for sitting by the window with a cup of steaming hot chocolate. And when the snow decides to fall and settle, the outdoor fun is almost endless!

The In-between

Are you the type of person that doesn’t generally get phased by what the weather is doing? But, does the idea of being in a country that is too hot or too cold seem a little too much for you?

If yes, then you’re an inbetweener. You don’t enjoy the blazing heat of the sun, but you don’t like to feel too cold, either. Then you should be looking for a school where the weather seems just right – the perfect blend of hot and cold!

The In-between: Where to Study?

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Now it might seem that it is almost impossible to find the perfect blend, but that’s not true. You can find the ideal place that is home to average temperatures and a subtle climate.

Malta is more than famous for its gorgeous beaches and stunning coastlines, it’s also known for its superb diving hot spots. This stunning country offers international students with several educational institutions to study, such as Club Class Malta and EC Higher Education.

The world’s sixth-largest country by area is also known for having a range of different climates from one end to the other. Australia is known for being home to kangaroos and koalas as well as plenty of well-established universities. If you’re looking for a city with moderate temperatures throughout the year, then consider the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba.

The In between: Preparation is Key!

The world is a big place that provides everyone with what they need to help them go along their path. You might not be heading off to a hot or freezing county, but you do need to be ready to handle whatever the weather may throw at you!

It’s not cold, and it’s not hot, it is just right. So, make sure you have a t-shirt on your back and a light jacket in your bag because you never know when you might be feeling just a little chilly or a little too warm.

Studying and living in the perfect place might not be easy to figure out on your own. Don’t get confused with all the search engine tabs when SchoolApply can help keep you on the track that ticks off all the right boxes for you!

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