The absence of income tax (employees take home 100% of what they earn), along with attractive job prospects from some of the world’s top firms means that students choosing to move to or stay in Dubai after completing their studies could be rewarded with a highly attractive salary and benefits package.

Below, we detail some of the many employment areas in Dubai where graduates can start their careers.

Hospitality and Tourism

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With a degree in Hospitality Management from The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, or Tourism & Hospitality Management from MODUL University Dubai, graduates will be well set to start their careers in the 21st century’s fastest growing industry.

Dubai is the 7th most visited city in the world, and as such has a thriving hospitality industry. Jobs are always available with highly reputable employers (hotel groups Marriott and Hyatt both regularly score highly in the Great Place to Work’s annual Top UAE employers list). Huge upcoming events like the Dubai Expo 2020 mean that this particular sector will grow even further in the future – by 2020, tourism-related activities will make up nearly 40% of Dubai’s economy and provide over $53 billion in revenue to the Emirate.

Media and Entertainment

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Dubai’s government has ambitions of the city becoming a key player on the global media landscape and is constantly rolling out new initiatives to ensure that Dubai stays competitive with other regional media centers. Graduates who have completed their studies from media programs on offer at universities like Middlesex University Dubai or SAE Institute Dubai will find no end of opportunities to kick-start their careers.

The Emirate’s media-focused free zone, Dubai Media City, has attracted a range of global media brands who regularly take on the best and the brightest in their fields. These include news organizations like Reuters, CNN and Sky; publishing firms such as McGraw Hill and Forbes; media production companies like Sony and Showtime; and advertising majors such as DDB and Dentsu Aegis.

Excitingly, Dubai also regularly attracts big-budget movies who film in the location, with “Mission Impossible 4” and the Chinese movie “Switch,” just to name a couple. Production companies often make the most of local talent behind the camera, meaning graduates with degrees in film-based areas, like those available at SAE Institute Dubai, could find themselves up close and personal with the world’s stars sooner than they think.


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Dubai is the UN’s designated hub for Data and ICT and is the regional base for many international tech brands. Under the Dubai Smart City strategy, the city will undergo 545 planned initiatives (such as providing free high-speed wifi, self-driving cars and smart government services) which aim to achieve the Emirate’s wish of becoming the World’s Smartest City by 2021.

Most multinational telecom vendors, ICT manufacturers, software suppliers and online services (such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn) also base their regional operations in Dubai. Graduates from a technology field will find no better place to start their career in an industry evolving at a very fast pace.


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Internships are excellent opportunities for graduates beginning their careers and provide first-hand experience with constantly changing work environments and needs. This is no more evident than in Dubai’s always-evolving work climate. For those looking for something to keep them on their toes while providing the essential relevant experience that employers look for, then an internship as part of a degree or as a postgraduate move can present the perfect opportunity.

Many Dubai universities recognize the usefulness of internships, with establishments such as Canadian University Dubai ensuring that undergraduates complete 150 hours of an internship during their studies. There are also opportunities to complete internships outside of term time – for example, Middlesex University’s summer internship program allows its interns to choose the field they wish to gain experience in.

Short- and long-term work experiences are available, with paid internships available for postgraduates as well as the chance to impress potential employers enough to offer a full-time position.


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HSBC’s annual expat surveys always rank Dubai highly for expats looking to start new businesses. The UAE’s entrepreneurial environment, job prospects and high salaries are noted as being key in attracting investors and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Dubai’s perfect storm of working conditions – it’s an entry point to other nearby markets, free trade policies and numerous tax-free incentives – means that it attracts twice as many expats looking to start their own business compared to the global average. With new markets, consumers and the rise of technology in the Emirate, Dubai is a land of booming opportunities for those looking to start their own business.

Graduates from Dubai universities are presented with numerous career opportunities to work with top international companies.

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About the Author: When he’s not geeking out over the latest Marvel films, Chris Davy is an English teacher who splits his time between Dubai and the UK.