Any Specific Requirements For The UAE?

The UAE has some specific requirements in order to be able to study there. You will need to check with our advisors for each school that you are applying to what their specific requirements are. One requirement that all universities do however have is that you have completed 12 years of schooling.

An important requirement is the process to get a student visa. In order to get a student visa, you need a sponsor that lives within the UAE. Companies and most universities also offer visa’s although not all schools do. When applying for your visa, check with the school that you are applying at whether they will sponsor you or not.

The most important documents that you will require to attain your student visa are:

  • The university offer letter
  • Bank statements showing proof of funding to pay for the tuition
  • Possibly a tenancy agreement (or letter from the university if you are staying in their dorm rooms)
  • Copy of tuition fee receipt for the current study year of the program

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Upon arrival, you will need to go through a medical examination. It is important to note that you will be deported if you test positive for HIV, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis or leprosy.

What Documentation Must You Submit?

When applying to UAE you will generally require the following documentation. Do keep in mind that different schools might have specific documentation that they require, or do not require. Be sure to confirm with the school where you want to apply to what documentation they require.

A complete application form: You can either apply online or print out the application form. Either way, go through the application form, and check it again to make sure that you completed the entire form with all the required information. Also, confirm that all the information is correct on the form and easy to read.

Application Fee: Most universities require an application fee in order to apply to their university. This is in essence just a processing fee to make it worth their while to go through each candidates’ application. Application fees can be paid online or via an EFT transfer. Ensure that you use the correct reference so that the money gets debited to your account.

Your passport: You needn’t necessarily have your passport at the time of applying for a university but it’s better to apply for your passport sooner than later. Once you have received your passport, be sure to send certified copies of your passport to the school where you applied.

Original Transcripts: You will need to get your original transcripts attested by your local Department of Education and send copies of this through to the schools that you are applying to. If your final transcripts are not yet available then you can apply with your grades that you have achieved thus far. You will still need to send your final transcripts to the university for final approval once you have received them.

References: Schools usually require at least three reference letters from your teachers. Be smart about this and ask your teachers who you know you have a good relationship with and who know you quite well. You can also ask your coaches or instructors of extracurricular activities to write this for you.

Confirm with the university if they require the letter to be in a specific format before asking anyone for a reference as some schools can be really fussy about this.

IELTS Certificate: IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and is basically a test to ensure that you are proficient in the English language and has the necessary understanding to complete your degree. These certificates have an expiry date so make sure that your certificate is still valid (and will be for a while longer) when you submit it to the university.

Recommended Schools In The UAE

CUD in blog

Canadian University Dubai

If you are looking for a university that offers great quality education, has a fun campus to be around and offers you the opportunity to Study abroad, then CUD is your go-to university. CUD offers a variety of courses from six different schools and tuition averages around AED 60,725. All the courses are based on the Canadian higher-education system and after completing your first year, you can transfer to one of their partner schools in Canada.
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MDX Dubai in blog

Middlesex University Dubai

This university offers quality education and has five schools namely the School of Business, Media, Science and Technology, Law, and the School of Health and Education. The university is situated in Dubai Knowledge Village which is easily accessible by public transport and tuition fees work out around AED 50 000 on average.

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Heriot Watt Dubai in blog

Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Heriot-Watt University located in Dubai, UAE, offers top quality British education to students from the Gulf and beyond. In Dubai, the University offers programs in a diverse range of subjects. With average tuition of AED52000, Heriot-Watt’s degrees in Dubai are accredited and approved by Royal Charter in the UK.

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There are numerous other universities which you can also look at, but these are our top recommendations. Start getting your application ready so long – you won’t regret it!

If you need any help or require more information with the application process, SchoolApply is here to guide you!