Western University is a public research university located in the city of London, Ontario in Canada. The faculty members are all leaders in their fields and provide a practical teaching experience to students so they can excel in their future careers. Students will find a truly global and inclusive community at Western University, along with ample resources to pursue their field of choice and structured English language support.

Immerse Yourself In The City Of London, Ontario

Western University is located in the city of London, in south-western Ontario in Canada. The city has more than 350,000 residents who create a lively, bustling, and friendly setting for students from all around the world. Contrary to popular belief, there are areas of Canada that have four different seasons, and London is one of them. The city enjoys four distinct seasons and each one is more beautiful than the next.


There is plenty to do in London whether you prefer music, cultural activities, outdoor sports, or fine dining. There are plenty of musicians, artist and entertainers in the city that give London a vibrant arts community. Shopping, movies and dancing can all be found within a short distance of Western campus. Attend festivals and cultural events such as Snowfest, Rock the Park, London Film Festival and Jazz Weekends. Sports are very popular here and you cannot forget the thriving clubs and restaurants that fuel the city’s nightlife.

With over 200 parks, the city of London is commonly known as Forest City. The lush green and diverse range of flora and fauna make each park, big or small, a wonderful place for students to wander and explore.   

Spanning 400 acres, Western University’s campus is widely known as the most beautiful university in Canada, with its mix of Gothic and modern architecture and natural beauty.

Enjoy Western University’s Stunning Campus

Spanning 400 acres, Western University’s campus is widely known as the most beautiful university in Canada, with its mix of Gothic and modern architecture and natural beauty. Established in 1883, Western is also one of the oldest universities in Canada. There are 35,000 students who make their home here, 1400 faculty members, 11 faculties, a school of graduate and postdoctoral studies, and three Affiliated University Colleges. The university provides its students with over 400 different fields of study at just the undergraduate level.

Western University’s campus is located close to many conveniences for students, such as banks, stores, clinics, pharmacies, restaurants, and much more.


Be A Part Of An International Community

International students travel to Western University from all around the world because of its renowned faculty members, much-celebrated research facilities, and excellent standards of teaching. Canada is a friendly country with a high standard of living, making Western a popular choice for international students from all around the world. Over 20% of Western’s student population are international students, which gives way to a diverse and inclusive community, where everyone supports multiculturalism and uniqueness.  

Numerous student services support overseas students at Western, making their transition easier and their college experience memorable. Students can head to the International and Exchange Student Centre, CultureWorks, The Teaching Support Centre – International Programs for both academic and personal assistance. Western University also boasts the popular Western English Language Centre that helps students improve their English skills.

Western University - Western English Language Centre

The Western English Language Centre (WELC) is the official English language education provider at Western University. It is a special program where overseas students learn to master the English language and become prepared to enter the mainstream university life, socially and academically. The centre is staffed by a mix of university professors and professional ESL instructors who provide students with an engaging learning environment where they can achieve their academic goals. WELC also gives international students the opportunity to explore Canada and all it has to offer. The centre organises trips and activities throughout the country so students can get to know their new surroundings and culture.

There are four different programs within WELC: Academic English Program, English Boost Program, KEY Program, and Summer Program.   


The Academic English Program is offered at four different levels and is designed for students with conditional admission to Western University or other affiliated schools who want to improve their English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Through this program, students will study for one to four terms, for up to 20 hours a week. Each school term is equal to 16 weeks and students can choose to live both on and off-campus.

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The English Boost Program is for students who are just below the English standard for admission and have received conditional admission to Western University or its affiliates. This program consists of nine weeks of English language training to give students the edge they need to meet academic standards for their chosen degree program at the university. Along with specialised English language classes, students will also have the opportunity to attend university lectures to gain exposure and knowledge. Students in the English Boost Program can either stay in on-campus residences or make off-campus arrangements.

The KEY Program is an eight-month program designed for students who are close to meeting the language proficiency requirements for direct entry to King’s University College. Students earn university credits while attending this course, improving their English skills and gaining both social and academic confidence. As a part of this program, students can live both on and off-campus.


The fourth program offered by the WELC to help students gain English proficiency is the Summer Program. This is a four-week, on-campus program that includes 18 in-class hours per week. This initiative is only offered during July and August to students who want an immersive English language experience. These summer classes are limited to 16 students so that all students can maximize their speaking opportunities and receive close attention from professors. Outside of the classroom, students in the Summer Program will also take part in extracurricular activities, attend social events, and explore London’s local attractions.

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