Most people have been at that point where either life happens or you are struggling to study and end up getting bad grades. It’s a horrible feeling, especially when you need to decide what to do with the rest of your life and that daunting feeling sinks in that you might not receive admission into a university.

Fortunately for you, you’re not the only person who this has happened to. SchoolApply has helped many students accomplish their dream of studying abroad in spite of them having a low GPA. There are many options available to you to still get a degree and not be held back in your career. Read on to find out what you can do if you have a low GPA.


Start working on it now

Your final marks are the marks that count at the end of the day. Start focusing on your school work now to help improve your marks. Go for tutoring classes if you are struggling to comprehend your work or join a study group to keep you accountable. Study groups are fun, you get to socialise while studying and explaining the work to each other will help you to remember it better.

Repeat Some Of Your Subjects

A good place to start, especially if you just finished school is to retake some of your subjects in which you did not achieve your desired grades. This is especially a good idea while the work is still somewhat fresh in your memory. If you are struggling to understand the work it’s always a good idea to start attending tutoring classes, but don’t give up just because you are struggling.

Join A Pathway Program

Pathway programs are designed to assist students who need additional preparation to continue a degree program at a university. They will help give you the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in college. They are usually only for one year and are a great way to get admission into a university.

SchoolApply has partnered with INTO to offer you the best pathway programs in the UK and US, here is a list of the schools who offer pathway programs.

Start At A Community College

A community college generally is a two-year higher learning institution of tertiary education that offers diplomas, and transfer degrees. Community colleges are widespread in several US states and offer a great variety of study options for foreign students to choose from. US community colleges have comparatively relaxed admission requirements and have quite a diverse student population.

Apart from a minimum GPA requirement, community colleges offer several other benefits such as comparatively lower tuition fees and an option to transfer to fully accredited universities. It is one of the best starting points if your GPA does not meet university admission requirements. South Seattle College in Washington offers business, arts and science transfer degrees, and a chance to transfer credits towards completion of a bachelor's degree at Bastyr University- the world’s leading university in natural health arts and sciences.

Take Part In Extracurricular Activities

You would be surprised at how much this can help you get accepted into college. If you have exceeded at sports, are profoundly involved with theatre or music, hold an important position at a club or organisation or have even started your own business, be sure to highlight this in your application. Continuing your studies is about more than just good grades. It is also about taking initiative, making a change and being involved in the things around you. Universities are, after all, training our future leaders.

Get Recommendations From Your Teachers And Mentors

Your teachers spend a lot of time with you. They know you much better than you think. Ask the teachers at school who you have a good relationship with to write a recommendation for you. If you’re fortunate enough to have a mentor, you can also ask them for a recommendation letter. This will help the admissions officers to get to know your character and you as a person.

Rock Your Personal Statement

Your personal statement is a blank canvas for you to portray who you are and why you deserve admission. This is another opportunity for you to show off your skills and accomplishments while the admission officers get to know you as a person. Take time to write a well thought out personal statement that will leave a lasting impression. If you are unsure where to start on this, check out our personal statement blog.

Finding The Right University For You

Now that you know how to improve your odds of getting accepted into a university or college, let’s have a look at some reputable schools that might be a good fit for you.

SchoolApply has partnered with over 4000 universities and will match you with one that accepts a low GPA

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Capilano University

Capilano University in blog
Situated in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Capilano University has a minimum GPA of 2. They have five faculties for Arts and Sciences, Business and Professional Studies, Fine and Applied Arts, and Global and Community Studies. They have small classes with no more than 35 students and believes in learning while doing. This is a great way to set yourself up for success and walk into the business world with the necessary skills that you need.

Canadian University Dubai

CUD in blog
CUD is located in the heart of Dubai with a GPA requirement of 2. They offer education that is based on the world-renowned Canadian higher education system and is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education. Better yet, if you start studying at CUD, you can transfer to one of their partner universities in Canada after completing your first year.

Heriot Watt University Dubai

Heriott-Watt University Dubai in blog
Studying at Heriot Watt University Dubai, you will receive a top notch British education. This university is also situated in Dubai and require a GPA score of 2.5. They offer undergraduate programmes in management, construction, quantity surveying and engineering. This university is accredited and approved by Royal Charter in the UK and their programmes give you the option to transfer and complete part of your degree at their home campus in Scotland.

Westcliff University

Westcliff University in blog
Situated in sunny California, Westcliff University requires a GPA of 2. They are a relatively small university with approximately 1000 students and offer degrees in business and education. The university specifically places emphasis on the importance of practical and theoretical aspects of education in order to prepare its students academically, personally and professionally for the job market.

Institute Of Technology Carlow

IT Carlow in blog
IT Carlow was named the Sunday Times Institute of Technology of the Year in 2014. With a GPA requirement of 1.98, they offer programmes in sciences, health, computing, engineering, business and humanities. They are also the fourth largest institute in Ireland and offers numerous niche courses such as Aerospace Engineering and Computer Games Development.

Some of us just have a low start at school but this does not mean that you cannot fulfill your dreams. Get in contact with SchoolApply today and discover the options available to you before you give up hope.