If you successfully complete the certificate you can enter their MBA program without having to take the GMAT! Read on to discover some of the other benefits of getting your Certificate in Advanced Management (CAM) at Babson College.  

Leading Business School

Although Babson may be small in size, it is big in reputation. As the top-ranked business school for entrepreneurship, the College is well-known around the world, with a string of notable graduates flying their flag across various industries. By studying at such a prominent business school, your  resume will be sure to have an edge, opening up opportunities for the future.

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All the Benefits, None of the Commitment

Students in the Certificate in Advanced Management (CAM) program have the chance to develop skills, knowledge and a network at Babson. This powerful, fast-paced certificate can be completed full-time in as little as one semester (9 credits) with an option to complete two semesters (15 credits). With a strong focus on entrepreneurial thinking, it will prepare you for a wide range of careers. Plus, you’ll come out of the program with a certificate from one of the top business schools!

Babson College is consistently voted as one of the top universities for international students and draws alumni from every corner of the globe!

Your Ticket to a Top MBA Program

With CAM, not only will you gain great experience and skills, but you’ll also be able to apply the credits earned into one of the many MBA programs Babson offers. The certificate also acts as a pre-MBA; if you successfully complete the courses, you can apply to any Babson MBA program without taking the GMAT. This GMAT waiver makes it the perfect option for people who are put off by the GMAT hurdle but still want to do an MBA at a reputable business school.

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Extracurricular Activities

Beyond classes, you’ll also be able to enjoy the wide variety of extracurricular activities that Babson College has to offer. Join a graduate student club,  engage with an academic center such as the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, or attend an interesting or event. With so many options, the opportunities for networking and connecting with like-minded people are endless!

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East Coast Living

The Boston area is well-known for being home to some of the top universities in the US, but it has so much more to offer too! With fast-paced business, and plenty of culture and history, the East Coast is the perfect place to explore big city life. There are also beautiful beaches, skiing, and plenty of natural beauty to take advantage of within a short drive.

Popular with International Students

Babson College is consistently voted as one of the top universities for international students and draws alumni from every corner of the globe! Not only is it a top-ranked school but it also offers a top-class education in business and entrepreneurship programs for international students. With alumni from 115 countries, you’re sure to quickly find your place within this exciting international community.

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Interested in something besides a Certificate or MBA

Babson offers a variety of degree programs that may interest you. If you don't feel like the MBA is the best fit for your interests, check out their Master of Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Master of Science in Finance, or Master of Science in Accounting programs as well.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Babson College click on its SchoolApply profile page and apply now!