San Jose State University (SJSU) is located in San Jose, California in the United States. The 154-acre campus is home to over 32,000 students is situated in the downtown area of the city. The campus population is incredibly diverse and inclusive, with a large number of Asian and Hispanic students.

San José State University is not just the next step in your education; it's a place where you are able to immerse yourself in the innovative and vibrant Silicon Valley culture.

- Britt Terry, International Marketing Coordinator at SJSU

SchoolApply interviewed SJSU MBA student, Yi Wu, about her time at the university and how it compared to schools in her home country, China.


Location: San Jose, California (USA)

Student Name: Yi Wu

From: China

Graduation: 2018

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Favorite class: My favorite class is Global Business Economy. The professor
spent years in Japan and he knows about the world economy very well. This class
was interesting and a lot of fun!

Favourite school event: In my program, we have a class that takes us on visits to companies in Silicon Valley. We have visited Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Paypal and SAP. I love these trips and I learned a lot from each one of them.
Three words to describe San Jose State University: Affordable, Diverse, Cool
Tell us a little about yourself and your previous school experiences.

I was born and raised in China and I finished my bachelor’s degree there before coming to the US for my master’s degree. I attended an art university in China where I majored in broadcasting. My school experiences in China were very different from those at San Jose State University. Class participation is not part of the grading system in China, and
students normally do not have conversations with professors in the classroom. In my classes at SJSU, the professors treat students like friends, and in response, the students are more open and perceptive to the professor’s discussions and ideas.

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How did you hear about San Jose State University and what made you decide to study in the US?

I wanted to study in the US because I was bored of the lifestyle that I had in China, and I thought that living and studying in another country would refresh my mind. I was looking for a public university that had good teaching and was affordable. My friend actually suggested several schools to me in both Florida and California, but I chose California because of the sunny weather and amazing vibes! San Jose is also in the center of Silicon Valley, which made the university more appealing to me, as I am pursuing an MBA because I enjoy doing business.  

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What has your academic and social experience been like as an international student at San Jose State University?

Academically, it was hard for me in the beginning because of language barriers. English is not widely spoken in my country, at work or at school. English in China is like Latin for Americans! Because of these language issues, the first semester in San Jose State was quite tough for me. The classes were hard to follow and everything felt like it was going too fast. However, I began to learn the language and I am now getting used to it. Finding it easier to follow along in my classes.   
I have made a lot of friends in San Jose State. The campus is very diverse and there are a lot of cool people studying here. For example, my best friend, Gabe, just finished his bachelor’s in Global Studies in San Jose State and is now teaching English in China. His parents are from Brazil but he has been brought up in California.  
San Jose State University provides a lot of services to support international students. The International Students and Scholars Office provides advising and counseling services. The advisors are nice and sweet. The counseling service department provides help to all students for free. I met a counselor there to talk about adapting to my new environment and the cultural differences that I was encountering. She is such
an amazing person and always comes up with a lot of brilliant ideas.

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What were your first impressions of San Jose State University?

I loved it! It was my first time in the United States and my first impression of San Jose State was that this place is beautiful and the people are beautiful!

Do you take part in any extracurricular activities at San Jose State University?

I’m quite active in school clubs and I have made a lot of friends through these organizations! One event stands out in my mind and that is when I went to Washington DC with my club COOP during summer 2017. COOP is a group that helps homeless students on campus and our mentor, Professor Fallon, suggested that we go to the National Ending Homelessness meeting in DC to learn more about it. The whole trip was awesome and I learned so much from the meeting which could benefit me in a lot of different ways.

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Do you have a job while studying? If yes, please elaborate on this experience.

I’m working as a Student Assistant in the College of International and Extended Studies (CIES). I can’t tell you how much I love this place! People from all around the world with all kinds of backgrounds gather here. I am happy to be working at CIES!

What would you say to international students who are considering studying at San Jose State University?

I’ve never feel like I was treated differently as an international student here at San Jose State University. This is an amazing and fun place to live and study!

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