Laurentian University is located in Greater Sudbury in the province of Ontario in Canada. The beautiful campus is located close to the downtown area but is also surrounded by five picturesque lakes and green forests. Sudbury boasts the largest franco-Ontarian population in the province and the university is bilingual. There are 9,400 students at Laurentian who enjoy excellent amenities, numerous clubs and organizations, and the highest standards of education.

Laurentian University is a great choice for students as it offers a flexible degree structure, allowing students to receive a tailor made educational experience.

- Miti Hathi, Senior Education Advisor at SchoolApply

SchoolApply interviewed Idrissa Ouedraogo from Burkina Faso to find out about his personal experiences at Laurentian University.

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Location: Greater Sudbury, Ontario (CANADA)

Student Name: Idrissa Ouedraogo

Age: 24

From: Burkina Faso

Graduation: 2019


Favourite class: Surface Mining Methods. This class was taught by Dr.Eugene Ben-Awuah and I learned all the processes of mining, from exploration to extraction.

Best words to describe Laurentian University: Excellence and Leadership

Tell us about your school experiences – where all have you studied?

I am from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and have lived and studied there my whole life. I completed my secondary school at the Lycee Universalis in Ouagadougou with a diploma in Science and Mathematics.

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How did you hear about Laurentian University and what made you decide to study in Canada?

Before I finished secondary school, I had already decided to become a Mining Engineer. My first choice was to go to Ghana to complete my higher education because I wanted to study in the British system as it would be new and different for me. However, I spoke to my father’s friend and he convinced me that studying in Canada would give me more future opportunities. I then started looking for universities in Canada that offered a Mining programme and Laurentian was one of them.

I chose Laurentian University because of its location; there are a lot of mines in the Sudbury area and I believed that this would provide me with more hands-on experience.

Did you have any problems adjusting to life in a new city and college?

Yes, it was challenging for me at the beginning because I did not know anyone in Sudbury and I very much missed my family and all my friends. The culture in Canada was very different than I was used to, but I am lucky to have a social and friendly personality that easily adapts to every situation, so I quickly adjusted to my new environment. Laurentian has students from all around the world and the International Office was very helpful and they have assisted me since my very first day at university.

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Did you take part in any extracurricular activities at Laurentian University?

Yes, I joined the Karate Club last year and I have been making a point of going to the gym three or four times a week to stay in healthy and fit.

Did you have a job while studying?  

I worked both on and off-campus while studying at Laurentian. I have been working for a company called Liaison for almost a year now and during the summer I worked with Revenue Canada.

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How has Laurentian University prepared you for life after college?

The university offers a lot of support to its students to make sure we succeed in the future; and they offer many programs to help us find jobs. For example, we are given training with real companies so we can practice for job interviews.

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What would you say to international students who are considering studying at Laurentian University?

I would advise students to not be afraid of people and to stay focused on their goals. Students should always ask questions when they are confused or do not understand something. It is important to communicate.

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