St. Michael’s College prides itself in its relationship with its student body and staying apprised of student feedback and suggestions. In keeping the student body’s needs always first and foremost, St. Michael’s College (SMC) has listened to its students and has initiated a special three-year degree program so students can finish their studies at an accelerated rate, if they so choose. The “Degree in Three” program has been carefully put together with an emphasis on ensuring that students do not miss out on any important information or experiences throughout their time at St. Michael’s College.  

Kevin J Spensley, Director of International Admission - Undergraduate Program at St. Michael’s College says, “[The Degree in Three program] enables students to complete their Bachelor’s degree in three years rather than four without sacrificing the quality of their education. This is accomplished primarily by taking innovative courses for six weeks during two summers.” And as a result of this, “families are able to save a lot of money, and students can move to the next stage of their life more quickly.”

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SMC has a vibrant campus of 2,000 students in the city of Burlington, Vermont in the United States. With a supportive community, engaging professors, and a challenging curriculum, SMC offers students the perfect place to pursue their higher education and receive a rewarding college experience.

St. Michael's is perfect for someone who is looking for a very personalized academic experience.

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Burlington is a small, college town on the shores of Lake Champlain with gorgeous views of the Green Mountains. Named the top college town in America by Travel & Leisure magazine, Burlington is a happy, safe, and diverse place to study and live. The city’s downtown area has a wide assortment of shops, restaurants, and activities for students to explore - plus, the close proximity to Lake Champlain means that students can also enjoy beaches, boating, fishing, and swimming.

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St. Michael’s College is well-known for its outstanding academic programs, inclusive community, and value for money. U.S. News ranked St. Michael’s #99 in the USA for National Liberal Arts Colleges and in 2016, Forbes ranked the school at #88 of Liberal Arts Colleges nationwide. Saint Michael's is also listed on Forbes' 2016 list of Best Value Colleges. In the Fiske Guide to Colleges, the publication labeled SMC as one of the "best and most interesting” colleges in the US.

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For students who have that extra drive and motivation, St. Michael’s College offers a special three-year degree program in the following subjects: Biology, Business, English, History, International Relations, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology/Anthropology.

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With the Degree in Three program, students save time and money and are able to join graduate school or the professional workforce one full year ahead of schedule. In this program, students are offered accelerated classes, online courses, and personalized academic advising. Faculty and staff ensure that students continue to have a classic SMC experience while completing the special program.

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Students enrolled in the Degree in Three program are guaranteed priority course registration, ensuring they can take the classes needed to stay on the accelerated track.  The personal academic advising also helps students plan their three-year course schedule and helps students adhere to the program’s rigorous timelines. To keep up with, and complete Degree in Three’s demanding schedule, students also enrol in the Accelerated Summer College (ASC) program, where students can earn up to 16 credits in 11 weeks and at a reduced tuition cost.

To remain in the Degree in Three program, students need to pass the required courses with the required grades as stipulated by the college. Academic advisors are always on hand to guide and motivate students on how to balance professional and personal goals while maintaining the challenging schedule.

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