Everything You Need to Know About a Bachelor of Architecture

Whether you dream of designing the world’s tallest skyscraper or creating masterful works of art, a Bachelor of Architecture can give you the training and education you need. This career can provide opportunities that combine your creative genius with an expertise in mathematics, science and construction. Read on to discover everything you need to know about this impressive degree and what you can do with it.

What is a Bachelor of Architecture?

If you are interested in designing and creating buildings and developments when you graduate, you may find that a Bachelor of Architecture is the perfect degree for you. This degree prepares students for a variety of careers in areas such as city planning, construction design and many others. You can combine computer graphics experience with beautiful artistry and a sound understanding of materials and angles to create something that is sound and can last through the ages. Canadian University Dubai surrounded by Architectural Marvels in Middle East Education hub: Dubai.

Who Should Pursue a Bachelor of Architecture?

While graduates of some majors have a variety of job opportunities available upon graduation, students pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture generally strive to either plan city and regional areas or design building structure. The narrow scope of job types means that graduates are often well-prepared with the skills they will need in their career.

Students who choose this degree have often determined the path they want to take, but if you are undecided, it may help to know what sort of person makes a good architect. D2 architects in the UK says that architects need to have passion in what they are doing. Companies do not want to invest millions of dollars in a building that is dull, but want something that is unique and exciting. As a passionate architect, you can use your creative skills to design something extraordinary. Being able to visualise the final product and plan beyond traditional design will help you stand out in the field and become successful.

Confidence and the ability to adapt are also important traits for students seeking to become architects. Construction projects often run into issues that require adjustment. You must be prepared to calmly address each problem that arises and determine a solution if you are to be a successful architect. London South Bank University Architecture graduates are highly sought after.

Bachelor of Architecture

What Are Some Course Options for This Major?

While the courses you choose will likely be influenced by the career you will seek once you have graduated, there are certain classes that are often taken by all students. Laurentian University Canada, generally requires students to take classes in design, visual communication, construction, computer methods, chemistry and math. The history of architecture should also be studied, as can project management and planning courses. Geology, science, engineering and advanced math can also be helpful courses for architects.

How to Become a Certified Architect?

Once you have completed your Bachelor of Architecture, you will need to pass testing and obtain certifications in order to work as an architect in the area of your choosing. Each country has separate rules and guidelines that must be followed.

In the UK, graduates will need to pass the three-part RIBA examinations, which can either be sat in person or approved for exemption with sufficient education and training. The UK government states that you must also register as an architect and prove your qualifications. Fines can be given if you fail to do this before beginning work. In France, you will also need to complete a Master of Architecture before you will be allowed to apply for a position as an architect. If you are planning to work in the US, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards states that you must meet the requirements of the state in which you plan to work. While each is unique, most require a degree, professional experience, satisfactory completion of the Architect Registration Examination and more.

Benefits and Prospects for Bachelor of Architecture Graduates

One of the biggest benefits for graduates with a Bachelor of Architecture is the ability to use their creative skills in their jobs. Architects are needed in every country and almost every city in the world, giving you the freedom to live and work almost anywhere you want, and Chron.com predicts that the number of jobs will increase at a faster rate than other positions. Another benefit of this major is that graduates are often paid well, with the top 10 percent of architects earning at least $118,230 each year. The most lucrative careers were in computer systems design, with the highest paying industry being the Federal Executive Branch in the US.

Another benefit of this job is that you can create something that can be admired by many and likely stay standing for decades to come. Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America’s greatest architects, referred to architecture as “the mother art” and stated that, without it, we have no soul or civilization.

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