Carroll University is a private, liberal arts university with more than 95 degrees offered to its students. Located in the state of Wisconsin in the United States, the university is located just minutes away from the picturesque Fox River.

Megan Couch, International Student Coordinator at Caroll University says, “One of the true benefits of a degree from Carroll University is the traditional college experience students will receive. The campus is largely residential, and our students have many opportunities, from joining one of the 60 student organizations on campus, to having the opportunity to work both on-campus and off-campus with an approved Curricular Practical Training opportunity. Our students also get the best of both worlds - being close to the largest city in Wisconsin, as well as having the safety of our smaller city of Waukesha. Carroll students gain valuable and practical experience through their degree.”

SchoolApply interviewed Anjana Adhikari, an international student from Nepal attending Carroll University, to find out what she loves best about her school.  


Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin (USA)

Student Name: Anjana Adhikari

From: Nepal

Graduation: 2020

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Favourite class: Calculus. Since secondary school, math has been a hard subject for me. But, this semester in university, I made it a point to try and understand the problems, rather than just solve them. I now realize that math is about patterns and I love untangling the problems to reach the solution.

Favourite school events: Homecoming and Coffee Connects. During Homecoming, there are many fun activities for the whole university. And as an international student, I like Coffee Connects, held every other Wednesday, which brings international and domestic students together to hang out, complete with free coffee and food.  

Carroll University is the only university in the US currently to offer guaranteed on-campus employment to international, undergraduate, degree-seeking students who are not funded by their government to attend their bachelor's degree.

- Azurra Hazelton, Senior Education Advisor at SchoolApply

Five words to describe Carroll University: Second-home, Small, Pioneering, Welcoming, Involved

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?

I am from Nepal, a small country in South East Asia. I have never traveled to any other countries besides the US and Nepal. I lived in my hometown, Damauli Tanahun, during my elementary and secondary school and I completed middle school and high school in the country’s capital, Kathmandu.

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Tell us about your previous school experiences – where all have you studied?

After completing my 10th grade, I moved back to Kathmandu for my high school studies and attended a military school called Sainik Awasiya Mahavidayala, one of the most reputable schools in Nepal. I topped the entrance test and always did well in my studies, however, as I had moved around a lot for school, I never had a good opportunity to connect to a community, build good relationships with my teachers and making lifelong friends.

I always dreamed of going to medical school, however, I did not receive a full scholarship. So, I then opted to join a public university in Kathmandu and majored in Environmental Science and Chemistry. After a year, however, I was not satisfied with the teaching and learning process at the university and started looking at schools abroad where I could broaden my education.

How did you hear about Carroll University and what made you decide to study in the US?

I have many friends relatives in the United States, so when I was looking for better options to learn, I decided to apply there. I searched for a small university in a suburban area with a green environment, a small student-faculty ratio, and a place where ample leadership opportunities were offered to students. As I did my research, I came upon Carroll University - it had all the things I was looking for in a higher education institution and I thought I would feel at home there. I applied online as the application fee was free and I was accepted for the fall semester of 2015. I fell sick, however, so I deferred my application to the fall of 2016. Throughout this time, my admissions counselor was in touch with me and always showed concern for me and my family.

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What program are you studying at Carroll University and why?

I came to Carroll University as a biology major, but I always loved chemistry more, so I switched after one semester. I chose chemistry because I want to work as a Forensic Scientist after I complete my studies. Nepal is not strong in forensic science, so I want to pioneer the profession in my home country.   

Tell us a little about Waukesha, Wisconsin and things to do in the area.  

Waukesha is a suburban city, just 20 minutes away from Milwaukee, one of the biggest cities in Wisconsin. Chicago is also less than a two-hour drive away. I love going to downtown Milwaukee and have been there multiple times with my friends and professors. It is a great place to eat and roam around. There are also many places to hang out, shop and eat near campus which is convenient and fun.

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What were your first impressions of Carroll University?

The campus was so clean and green, I was immediately impressed. My residence hall was within a minute from the Campus Center and so was the cafeteria and dining hall. I was pleasantly surprised by the easy access to every facility like the gym hall, swimming pool, football grounds, learning commons, IT centers and art halls.  

My orientation week clarified policies and facilities on campus and helped in my transition to the university. The Resident Assistants, Orientation Mentors, and area directors are concerned about every student, especially the international students. I started thinking of Carroll as my second home within my first few days on campus.  

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Did you face any challenges when you first moved to the US?

I did not have a very hard time adjusting to life at Carroll University, however, food has always been a problem for me! I come from a country where we eat a lot of spices and a lot of cooked, salty food. Trying to adjust to the local food was a little difficult, but the Main Dining Room of Carroll does have many dietary options where I could choose things that I love to eat.  

The temperature differences between the places where I grew up and Waukesha are vast and I ended up developing cold allergies. However, due to the caring nurse practitioners on campus, I was under good medical care and it did not take long to get me back to good health.

I never felt homesick in my first year here, because I was always involved with something on campus. The personal attention given by advisors and professors here made me feel like I am at home immediately.

Do you take part in any extracurricular activities at Carroll University?

I am involved in many different groups and organizations on campus. I have joined Habitat for Humanity, Outdoor Adventure Club, Maths Club, Chem Club, Student of Cultural Knowledge and WCCX F.M radio station.

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I actively participate in the events and programs organized by my groups. I have gone Kayaking with the Outdoor Adventure Club and plan to go on many other adventures with them. I am participating in fundraising organized by Habitat for Humanity this semester. I also ran a radio program where I would invite a student from a different country, play the music from that country and talk about how that student feels about being at Carroll and how his or her culture is different from here.  

Did you have a job while studying? If yes, please elaborate on this experience.

Yes, I have been working for Office of International Education since 2016. I entered this department as a student worker where I would assist my directors in planning and implementing events for international students. Since August 2017, I have also been working as an International Education Fellow where I create events to engage international students on campus and encourage every international student to be a part of campus events to help them socialize, feel at home and make friends. Besides this, I am an International Orientation Mentor for the year 2017-2018. With this position, I am responsible for looking after international students and finding solutions to their problems or connect them to the proper resources.

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How has Carroll University prepared you for life after college?

I have not only learned academic information at Carroll, I have also learned how to manage my time efficiently, how to be social, and how to turn plans into actions. I have experienced how good it feels to help the community and I have learned to come out of my comfort zone and try new things.

What would you say to international students who are considering studying at Carroll University?

At Carroll University, you will not go unnoticed. You will have wonderful people welcoming you and taking care of you. You will be involved in many events and will make a lot of wonderful memories. The campus is small and everyone knows each other and they are all ready to help you at any time. The facilities provided by the university like Conversation Partners, Student Instructors, Tutors, the Writing Center, and career workshops will help you overcome any challenges you might face. You will love being a part of a community that values your presence and provides you with opportunities to excel and grow.

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