Olympic College (OC) is a two-year public, community college based in the city of Bremerton, in Washington in the United States. Bremerton is the main campus and the school also has two satellite campuses. All together the school serves over 13,000 students.

Explore Beautiful Washington State

Olympic College - Bremerton has a campus of 33 acres in Bremerton, a city with a population of 40,500 residents. Next to Puget Sound, the city is connected to Seattle by a convenient ferry system. Bordered by water inlets and straits, the city is is surrounded by natural beauty. And there is plenty to do in Bremerton! Students can wander the unique Elandan Gardens or Puget Sound Navy Museum. The city is dotted with many parks where students enjoy water sports and other athletic activities. The park facilities are safe and accommodate play, fitness and fun. Students can also enjoy a unique theatre performance at the Kitsap Forest Theatre located in the open air or discover the popular Arts District in the downtown Bremerton area, full of live music, dining, art galleries, museums, shopping, and much more!  

Within close proximity to the metropolitan city of Seattle, students can also visit the infamous Space Needle, Pike Place Market, or catch a major league sports game.

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Obtain an Associate's Degree or Education Certificate

Students come to Olympic College to take advantage of their numerous education options. The community college offers programs that enable students to complete their high school education, earn an Associate’s degree, or even begin their way to a Bachelor’s degree. Many students complete two years of their Bachelor’s degrees at Olympic College and then transfer to Tier 1 Universities within the United States. Through partnerships with other universities, the college is also able to offer Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing, Film Making, Information Systems, and Organisational Leadership and Technical Management from their own campus. Besides all this, the school also offers courses to students receive job training and to help them update their vocational skills.  

The instructors here are great as they provide knowledge that not only will help ace your results, but also help make you a better individual.

- Siti Nur Sarah Samberi, Psychology student at Olympic College

Aspen Institute

Olympic College was named one of the top 150 community colleges in the US in 2016/17 by the Aspen Institute. The Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence is a prestigious award given every two years that recognizes high achievement and performance in community colleges. The school was also awarded this recognition in 2014/15, showing consistency in their commitment to student’s learning and achievements.

Olympic College was granted this award because of its academic excellence, high student retention rate of students that were the least academically prepared, and for their close ties to companies and organisations in the local area that results in high job placement numbers for graduating students.

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Campus Life

The campus life at Olympic College is lively and active. There are many clubs and organisations that students can join to improve a talent, exercise leadership, or make new friends. Students can also take control of their physical fitness at the the Olympic College Fitness Center, a facility that is filled with a wide range of exercise equipment. The Olympic College Athletics program also hosts many sports events that students can participate in or attend. The Bremer Student Center is the heart of the campus, and here students will find the offices of the Student Programs and Activities, Athletics, Intramurals, and the Student Government of Olympic College. The school cafeteria, coffee shop, and bookstore can also be found here.

Residence Halls and Homestays

International students can stay on campus at the Residence Halls or take part in the college’s Homestay program. The high-quality campus residences offer many amenities to students making the option convenient and hassle-free. The on-campus housing community works together to support and guide each student in their academic endeavours and goals.

Homestays are when American families host Olympic College students in their homes to live while they are pursuing their studies. This gives students a unique opportunity to experience the local culture first hand and also practice and develop their English language skills.

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International Students

Olympic College is dedicated to creating a diverse and open environment for all its students. They believe that exposure to different views, languages, and cultures increase the quality of learning and personal advancement. The school strictly practices an equal opportunity philosophy in all its admissions, programs, and events.

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The school’s Multicultural Center is a great example of this dedication to diversity. The center is a friendly environment where students are encouraged to help one another and share their experiences and challenges with other students. The center has a popular lounge area where students can hang out and talk to friends. There are also games, books, and monthly cultural activities to keep students engaged, active, and part of the school community. Students can also avail the study rooms for group work or even personal study. 

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We also got a parent’s perspective and Ms. Xia Wei whose daughter is enrolled at OC says, “Olympic College is the best choice for my daughter. It is located in Bremerton, a beautiful town close to Seattle. It doesn't have the hustle and bustle of the city and can make students focus on their studies. There are various activities and programs at OC which enable international students to integrate into a typical American environment. OC welcomes people from all over the world. My daughter has great opportunities to get to know about culture she is not familiar with through the students from different countries.”

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