Keuka College (KC) is a private, liberal arts college located in Keuka Park, New York, in the United States. KC focuses on providing students with both classrooms, and experiential learning that will aid them in achieving meaningful careers. These accomplishments have been noted by The New York Times - the publication ranked KC graduates in the top 10% for economic mobility nationally.

International Students

International students make up 10% of the student population at Keuka College. These students come from all around the world and receive a first-class education, from a world-class faculty. With a student to faculty ratio of 14:1, students enjoy personal interactions and individual attention from their professors. For those overseas students who need extra help with their English language skills, KC offers a six-week intensive English as a Second Language program consisting of 20 hours of instruction per week, to help students improve their command of the language.  Regular off-campus trips also help students familiarise themselves with the area and its community, which enables an easy, and comfortable transition to life at Keuka College.


Embark On Your Field Period™

Keuka College is best known for its experiential learning structure where students acquire knowledge and skills through direct experience outside of the classroom. Field Period is a required internship program for all undergraduate students during which they acquire 140 hours of hands-on experience, by undertaking a Field program every year. The period can be completed within the United States or across the globe, giving students a wide degree of experience and knowledge.

Field Period allows students to explore their interests, try new fields, and re-confirm their choice of major. Although many Field Period opportunities are structured like traditional internships, others are more focused on cultural immersions, community service, or even spiritual exploration. Students are given the flexibility to design these Field programs according to their individual preferences and are further supported by the college with scholarships available to help pay for the cost of any Field Period travel.


Digital Learning At Keuka College 

The world around us is now interconnected in many ways, and the major impetus for this has been advancements in technology. We live in a digital age where information is at our fingertips with just the click of a button. While most people know how to access this information, few possess the skills required to organize and process it. KC wants its students to do more than just master the use of computer programs or Google, and instead use digital technology to confidently solve complex problems, communicate interactively, develop applications, and analyze data. This is where the Digital Learning at Keuka (DL@KC) program comes in: This one-of-a-kind, revolutionary program teaches students what computers do and how they do it, compares human and artificial intelligence, and also explores the moral, ethical, and socio-cultural implications of technology in our world today. The knowledge and skills acquired through the DL@KC program are integral to modern learning and will help graduates be better prepared for the professional world.


Keuka College And Staff

The esteemed Keuka College faculty prides itself on helping students mature and develop into model citizens and leaders of the world. Holding degrees from top-tier universities such as Yale University, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of California at Berkeley, the professors help students practice critical thinking, analysis, and reflection. They teach the students how to apply their classroom knowledge to the real world. The faculty and administration at KC nurtures curiosity, integrity, spirituality, and innovation. With academic excellence and transformational teaching methods, the school offers a progressive learning experience and helps to shape effective leaders for tomorrow.


Enjoy The Serenity of Keuka Lake

Keuka College is nestled in The Finger Lakes region of the country - one of the top holiday destinations in the US. On the shores of Keuka Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, KC’s campus has scenic vistas and ample access to fun, outdoor activities. The lake is an integral part of campus life at Keuka College; students can relax on the college private beach or canoe, kayak, or paddleboard (for free) in its majestic waters. Fishing is popular, and the lake holds many freshwater fish such as rainbow trout, landlocked salmon, and yellow perch. Students also engage in important research work with the Keuka Lake Association to make sure that the lake ecosystem remains healthy and thriving.

In addition to the bounties of the lake, Keuka College arranges a varied, and diverse range of activities for students throughout the academic year ranging from weekend adventure trips, sports events, and concerts, to game nights, student clubs, theatre events, and nature activities.

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