Greenville University (GU) is a private liberal arts college that practices a faith-centered educational approach in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies. GU empowers students to develop on a holistic level – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.  

International Students

Many international students have chosen Greenville University for their higher education, and they come from far and wide, to benefit from the exceptional faculty and welcoming landscape. Students have traveled to Greenville from places like China, Ghana, Japan, Kenya, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Chile, the Philippines, and Spain, to name a few.

Greenville University offers a University Pathways English Learning Program to international students who could use assistance with the transition to mainstream college courses. University Pathways classes do not exceed ten students in order to maintain a close environment, where students can receive one-on-one attention from their teachers. It is a one-year, non-credit program that not only helps students develop their English language skills, but also helps them integrate on campus by providing information on US culture, and exposing them to American events and activities.

Greenville University arms students with social and academic knowledge, and skills coupled with an integral sentiment of being good Christian members of society. A whopping 98% of GU’s graduating students are employed within 9 months of graduation.


Center For Visual Culture And Media Studies (CVCMS)

Students with several interests who would like the freedom to explore those areas, or unearth new passions, can sign up to join Greenville’s Center for Visual Culture and Media Studies (CVCMS): A virtual learning space that provides foundational courses across various, but often overlapping, disciplines. CVCMS is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the English, Digital Media, Arts, and Communications Departments. GU recognizes that the traditional study of isolated subjects is no longer the best route to preparing for life after college. As such, CVCMS offers a broad range of skills to students, giving them a competitive edge when entering today’s dynamic work environment. CVCMS students are required to take these five core courses in addition to their major: Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling, Introduction to Digital Media, Introduction to Drawing or Introduction to Visual Thinking, Introduction to Business, and Introduction to Programming.  

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Mosaic Diversity Group

Greenville University understands how difficult it is to adjust to a new city and life away from home, friends, and family. GU supports students in their quest to find their place in the college community. They advocate diversity and inclusiveness and ensure that students become tolerant and accepting of global citizens.  

The Mosaic Diversity Group is a college organization that promotes unity on campus through education, and celebration of cultural differences. They aim to shed light on the interests and concerns of minority communities through campaigns, small forums, conversations, events, and music.


A whopping 98% of GU’s graduating students are employed within 9 months of graduation.

Be Of Service And Travel The World

Greenville University's World Outreach & Missions Department organizes service opportunities for students across the world. As an institute for Christian higher education, GU plans short-term missionary to teach its students about different cultures, challenge their boundaries, and introduce them to the mission, relief, and development work. Missionary work spans from the Dominican Republic to Brazil, to India, and Spain. Students have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life in these countries and dedicate themselves to evangelical and humanitarian work while on their missions.     


Greenville University (GU) is located in Greenville, Illinois, a beautiful town of 7,000 residents in the southern part of the state. GU's campus is known for its safety and peacefulness. The small town is steeped in history and is home to the impressive Richard W. Bock Sculpture Collection. Students will find that the small-town charm has its merits - the community is warm, and welcoming, and the campus is close-knit.

GU’s 50-acre campus is located only 45 miles outside of St. Louis, Missouri giving students the opportunity to experience big-city life when they want a change of pace.

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