Most students applying to university tend to assume that the only courses available to them are the usual suspects: Business, Engineering, Communications, Law,  Economics, etc. And while it’s hard to go wrong with any of those choices, you might miss your chance at finding a course that is more in line with your career goals. Contrary to popular belief, there are tons of Bachelor’s Degree programs out there to choose from, so don’t be so quick to write off your interests as too wacky, obscure, or bizarre - you’re sure to find the course that’s right for you!

Mortuary Science

Death is a morbid topic and one that can make most people uncomfortable, but it is also the only certain thing that everyone encounters in this world. So, as morbid as that is, it can make for a rather smart career move to consider- if you’re not too squeamish. Mortuary Science teaches you all the phases of the funeral service so that you can offer proper care for the deceased. Future jobs include being a funeral service practitioner in funeral homes or hospitals or working at the offices of medical examiners. In the USA there are four universities offering this degree at the Bachelor’s level, including the University of Minnesota and Southern Illinois University.

Surf Science and Technology

Surfing can be more than just a part of your weekend at the beach. Have you ever thought about studying Surf Science and Technology? This fun-sounding degree is offered at Cornwall College, the surfing capital of the UK. After you have learned about the surf business, wave formation, and the culture of surf for a couple of years, you can look for work within various athletic fields. You can even start organizing your own surfing competitions, or become a pro-level surfing instructor!


Viking Studies

Are you obsessed with the adventure TV show Vikings? Or are you just a history buff? If so, you’re in luck- a Bachelor’s degree in Viking and Old Norse Studies awaits. The course offered at the University College London in the UK delves into the Viking Age, medieval and modern Scandinavian languages, and Old Norse literature. The third-year is spent studying in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, or Iceland. You may also stay in the Arctic North for longer, as many Viking Studies graduates end up working for Scandinavian companies.

Family Enterprise

If you are likely to be taking over your family’s business in the future, it makes sense to be well prepared. A Bachelor’s degree in Family Enterprise, offered by the Florida-based Stetson University in the US, delves into family systems and how to use family involvement to give the company a strategic advantage. Besides running your own family business, this degree could help you become a family business consultant. And that doesn’t have to mean you would only deal with small potatoes - some of the world’s biggest companies started off as family businesses, including Ford, Motorola, and Gap.

Ethical Hacking

If you’ve always been interested in coding and the internal workings of websites, a course in Ethical hacking may be the right pick for you. You can take further comfort in knowing that this course is on the right side of the law so fear not- there’ll be no orange jumpsuits in your future. The Ethical Hacking degree which can be found at the University of Abertay, Coventry University, and several other UK schools, prepare students to become “white hat” hackers, who offer cybersecurity services to companies. According to the European Commission, the global cost of computer crime is around 750 billion per year - thus it is no surprise that the employment rate for ethical hackers hovers near 100 percent.


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About the Author: Mirva Lempiäinen is a US-educated freelance journalist from Finland. After calling New York City home for about a decade, she now resides on the French-Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.