The American University of Rome (AUR) is a small liberal arts university that was established in 1969, giving it the prestige of being the oldest American degree-granting university in Rome. Classes are conducted in English at this small, close-knit university, and its magnificent location in the city of Rome, Italy, gives students a truly unique learning experience.

Study At An International Institution

There are an estimated 500 students earning their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, at the American University of Rome. The diverse student body is composed of over 40 nationalities, and 28 languages are spoken amongst the students and faculty. This mix of cultures gives students the unique opportunity to interact with people from all around the world, to experience different points of view, and discover a wide range of ideas and opinions. The varying backgrounds of AUR students and professors enrich the classroom dialogue and give students a truly international perspective in their academic courses.    


Academic Prestige

As the oldest American institution in Rome, AUR holds a place of great academic prestige. The university practices student-centred learning and puts great emphasis on promoting personal growth, cultural tolerance, and academic excellence in order to help students develop into self-aware, curious, and effective global citizens. The university has established strong links with prestigious Italian and European academic institutions in order to enrich the student experience and provide regional insight and knowledge. AUR also collaborates with renowned educational institutions in the United States to ensure they provide challenging programs to study-abroad students in line with their home school programs. The professors at AUR are highly qualified and are also active researchers, who focus on applying the best teaching methods to their classrooms to impart rich and useful information.

Experiential learning and a diverse university population, ensures that AUR students learn practical skills and engage in a global environment.


Internships And Career Preparation 

The American University of Rome believes that hands-on, real-life experiences are the best way to develop and apply academic skills and knowledge. With strong relationships with over 50 local and international organisations such as Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Fulbright Commission, Vatican Museums, National Geographic, and World Food Programme, AUR offers students important internship opportunities that improve their job prospects, and increase professional networks. Over 78% of AUR students undertake internships and 25% of these students participate in more than one!  

The AUR Career Services Department organises useful monthly workshops that teach students important skills such as how to create compelling resumes, network effectively, and prepare for job interviews. The Career Officers provide a wealth of information to students regarding career, internship and graduate school opportunities while also offering career counselling and guidance.

The American University of Rome offers students the highest level of academics in one of the most dynamic cities of the world. Experiential learning and a diverse university population, ensures that AUR students learn practical skills and engage in a global environment.

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Field Trips Around The World

Many programs at The American University Rome organise field trips for students to give them a first-hand, new perspective on their learning materials. Previous field trips have included visiting the House of Lords in the UK, participating in archaeological digs in Tuscany and Albania, and speaking at the Model United Nations in The Hague. Other field trips have taken students to Boston, Pompeii, Vienna, Philadelphia, and New York.

Learning In Rome

AUR uses the great city of Rome extensively as a part of student learning. Many professors combine their class lessons with visits around the city. This enables students to experience Rome in a unique academic setting, as the professors use the many historic sites of the city to teach their courses. Students are reminded that one of the greatest empires of the world stemmed from this glorious city. The breadth of knowledge and history embedded in the city is unparalleled, and learning can be had in almost every corner.


Atop Rome’s Highest Hill

Rome, the metropolitan capital city of Italy, has over 2,500 years of history behind its allure. It is considered one of the birthplaces of Western civilisation, and it holds an important place in global history. Rome is one of the world’s most visited cities, and AUR students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in its vibrant, rich, and dynamic culture on a daily basis. The Trevi Fountain, The Vatican, Piazza del Campidoglio, the Coliseum, and the Pantheon - students can find all this and even more of some of the world’s most famous attractions, in this amazing city.  

The American University of Rome is located on Gianicolo, Rome’s highest hill. The idyllic campus has a private enclosure and boasts a beautiful garden that serves as the social centre of the university.

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