Founded in 1951, National College of Ireland (NCI) in Dublin offers full-time, part-time, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses to students from all around the world. The college prides itself on having a student-centered teaching philosophy, and an inclusive campus where all students are supported and welcomed, no matter their background.


Small Classes and Experienced Faculty

National College of Ireland maintains a supportive atmosphere, in and out, of the classroom. They utilise a small-group teaching model; keeping the classes small so students and faculty can get to know one another, and can interact and discuss class topics freely. The faculty at NCI are all experts in their respective fields, and have a shared dedication to furthering the education, experience and expertise of their students.

International Students

NCI has a large international student population, with over 50 different nationalities represented on campus. Diversity is celebrated at NCI, and the administration is committed to helping overseas students settle into their new environment so that they are comfortable to then inform, enrich, and enhance the campus community.


NCI: Living On Campus

The National College of Ireland campus sprawls over 122,000 square feet and features state-of-the-art facilities and services. They have an impressive 270-seat lecture theatre, multiple computer labs, tiered lecture halls, a modern library, and WiFi throughout campus. There are excellent dining options, a fully-equipped gym, and the entire campus is adapted to the needs of students with disabilities.

There are also many extra-curricular clubs and organizations that students are encouraged to join. Participating in these groups helps students engage with the college community by providing them with opportunities to meet new people, and make new friends.    

Employment Opportunities

Surrounded by some of the world’s most prestigious companies, graduating students from NCI have both excellent access and opportunity to begin a prosperous career. The Sunday Times has ranked NCI as the #1 college in Ireland for graduate jobs for the last five years. The school has a 96% employment rate and offers a Careers and Opportunities Service to all students to guide them in career planning and employment. They also have a dedicated career advice service for international students.


Studying In The Centre of Dublin

National College of Ireland is located in the heart of Dublin, the capital and largest city, in Ireland. The campus lies in the midst of the city’s vibrant business and tech districts, the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) and the Silicon Docks, are home to companies like Facebook, Google, Citibank, Twitter, PWC, Yahoo!, and Morgan Stanley. In this area, students do not have to travel far to find places to shop, eat, drink, and socialise. Dublin is a safe city with a growing economy, making it the perfect place for students to live, study and work.

Dublin is special because if you travel the length of the city you can see the tranquil seaside, buzzing city life, lush parks and majestic mountaintops – the city has something for everyone to enjoy. Residents of Dublin are always close to some greenery, with 97% of the population living within 300 metres of a park area. The famous Phoenix Park spans an awesome 707 hectares and its 16 kilometre perimeter wall makes it one of the largest walled city parks in Europe. The natural beauty of the city is also complemented by its rich and interesting history stemming all the way back from the 900s.    


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