Monmouth College is a private, liberal arts school located in Monmouth, Illinois in the US. It offers small class sizes and close relationships with faculty and other students while fostering an educational and social environment where every student has the opportunity to explore, learn and develop lifelong friendships.


The Triad Program

Monmouth College’s Triad Program brings faculty and students from three different academic disciplines together as part of their commitment to maintaining an interdisciplinary curriculum, and to focus on global social issues. The current triads focus on Global Food Security and Global Public Health.

The Global Food Security Triad program ties Economics, Anthropology and Biology together to address issues of hunger and malnutrition and to promote sustainable agriculture. This program strives to use the three disparate fields to answer questions such as ‘How do we feed a human population of 9.5 billion or more with food systems that are sustainable, achieve nutritional equity, and ensure access to culturally appropriate food?’

The Global Public Health Triad links Psychology, Kinesiology and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures to focus on improving the physical and mental health of people around the world by researching disease and treatments, promoting healthy lifestyles and studying the prevention of illness and injury.

The Triad program is a shining example of using experiential learning to bring about positive change in the world.

Monmouth Promises Success

At Monmouth College, 75% of students participate in at least one internship before their graduation and they hold a 99% success rate for graduates moving on to careers or graduate school. These numbers signify the overwhelming commitment and support that students receive at Monmouth towards their education and future.  

Monmouth’s Career & Leadership Centre helps students obtain essential work and leadership opportunities to prepare them for their professional lives. In addition to this, each new student at Monmouth College is assigned a faculty advisor who personally aids them in their overall academic and social experience at the school. The Career Advisement Centre gives guidance and support to students by helping them assess their interests and explore different careers. They also offer advice on resume and cover letter preparation, job search strategies, interviewing skills and internship opportunities.

The focus on holistic guidance, innovative teaching and experiential learning at Monmouth College gives students the essential knowledge and skills to build a bright and successful career.


The Educational Garden & Market Farm

The half-acre Educational Garden was established in 2010 with a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency and it includes vegetables, herbs, native plants, fruit trees, a solar-powered rain catchment irrigation system and a bee colony. The 6-acre Market Farm was donated to the college in 2013 and it expands on the initial Educational Garden project, but on a larger scale.

Monmouth College’s Educational Garden and Market Farm provide students the opportunity to get involved with sustainable and organic food production right on campus. The farm is used to cultivate a variety of organic crops, while the garden serves as both an educational and outreach facility. Some students even live in the adjoining Founder’s Village and live off the food they grow on the facility.



Student Research Opportunities

There are a multitude of research opportunities available to Monmouth students. These on-campus, paid research positions offer students hands-on learning while working with esteemed faculty members of the college.  

One of the most popular research programs on campus is the Summer Opportunities for Intellectual Activities (SOFIA) program. SOFIA is a three-week intensive research program facilitated by Monmouth professors where students can focus on their major or other fields of interest.


The Monmouth Community

Monmouth is a small town in western Illinois with a population of 9,900 residents. The Monmouth College campus is located in a residential area of the city making it a safe and charming place to study. The campus itself is comprised of 112 acres including a 33-acre nature preserve, athletic park, and a 6-acre educational garden.

There are 1,200 students enrolled at Monmouth College from 35 different countries. With a growing international student population, the school prides itself on cultural diversity and inclusion. The Office of Intercultural Life focuses on teaching students to celebrate all ethnicities and cultures and ensures the fair treatment of all students. The department also offers personal and academic advice, information on scholarship and employment opportunities, helps overseas students transition into their new environment, and organises intercultural programs on campus.

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