Gone are the days when your Bachelor’s degree was the ticket to your dream job. Although you could get by with a BA or BS in certain fields, more and more graduates are finding it difficult to enter the job market or progress in their careers without an advanced degree. Beyond this, there are several industries, such as medicine, law and economics, where a Master’s (postgraduate) degree is a basic requirement. If you want to reach the next level in your career, then look no further! SchoolApply provides complete guidance to international students with their application to graduate schools around the world.

So, if you’re considering postgraduate studies here are five good reasons you should go for it.

1. Make Your Resume Stand Out

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, a Master’s degree can help set you apart from other graduates or job applicants. While there are still plenty of positions that accept Bachelor’s degrees, often the most desirable jobs are being reserved for graduates with Master’s-level qualifications. That’s why it’s more important than ever to further your education if you hope to advance your career.

2. Make Professional Connections

Graduate schools place a strong emphasis on connecting with people professionally, allowing you the opportunity to develop valuable relationships with both classmates and teachers. As a graduate student, you’ll be expected to hone your networking skills, which is sure to serve you well when you graduate and enter the professional world. These invaluable connections developed during your Master’s degree can help you along throughout your career, as you advance through the professional world.

3. More Than Just a Degree; You Gain Valuable Skills

All too often, new graduates find themselves feeling as though they are not skilled enough to enter the job market despite holding a Bachelor’s degree. This is because an undergraduate degree is usually quite theoretical and not very practical. Whereas much of the worth of an undergraduate degree is in the qualification itself, arguably the most important reason to go to graduate school is for the professional skills you’ll gain in the process. Pursuing a Master’s degree allows you the opportunity to learn as much as you can about your area of interest through focused education, expanding on your technical abilities, honing your skills and essentially becoming an expert in the field.

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4. Greater Earning Potential

Although money should never be your sole motivation for pursuing a Master’s degree, it should be a factor in your decision making. In some industries earning yourself a Master’s degree can translate into up to 20% more earning potential. These higher salaries are because you will be eligible for positions that require a higher skill set. While a graduate degree may translate into a higher paycheque down the line, it’s important to weigh this against the expenses of a Master’s degree. Before signing up for that Master’s degree make sure you calculate if your upgraded credentials and improved marketability outweigh student-debt and years of lost earnings.

5. Personal Development

Although Master’s studies are often more difficult and stressful than Bachelor’s, they’re also often more exciting, as by this stage of your education you’re usually focused on subjects that are of great interest to you. An advanced degree truly shows your dedication to your chosen field and the effort it takes to complete your studies often serves as a central character-building life experience. In this way, a Master’s degree not only deepens your education, but is also more rewarding on a personal level. Taking on postgraduate studies takes initiative and commitment; traits that are sure to help mold you into a successful leader in the future.

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About the Author: Tessa Cunliffe is a South African based digital copywriter and marketer, with a passion for travel and learning. Yoga-inspired and coffee-fuelled. Always planning the next adventure.