So, you’ve studied abroad and had an incredible experience, but now you’d like to further your studies or find a job in the US. But there’s one small catch. Your university or employer is asking for a WES evaluation. No need to worry. SchoolApply will first assess your grades and then support you in getting a WES evaluation in case it’s needed.

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What is WES?

WES is a non-profit organization that evaluates and converts educational credentials from any country in the world into their US equivalents. This makes it easier for US universities and employers to compare applications from all over the world fairly. The organization also advocates for the recognition of international education qualifications, to ensure that international students have equal opportunities at US institutions. In this way, WES can help people who have an international education pursue their higher education or career goals in the US. A WES evaluation is very well-recognized and as the leading international credential evaluations service in the US, the organization has completed over a million evaluations for people worldwide.

Why do I need a WES evaluation?

Essentially, the WES evaluation is your ticket to furthering your education or finding employment in the US. Not only are WES evaluations widely accepted, but they are often specifically requested by universities or employers in the US. So, if you have studied abroad you will usually need to get your credentials evaluated so that they can be understood and recognized by educational institutions and employers in the US.  

When should I get my WES evaluation done?

Getting a WES evaluation is a relatively simple process, which can be done online from anywhere in the world. It’s also fairly quick, with most evaluations being delivered within seven business days of your successful application. That said, you could experience delays if WES needs to do any additional research, correspondence or verification of your documents. That’s why we always recommend starting the evaluation process as early as possible to make sure that you receive your evaluation report in time to apply for your university course or job.

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By getting your evaluation done early you can also ensure that you get the most out of it. A WES evaluation can help you decide which university you should apply to, as it allows you to see which schools are appropriate for your educational background. Similarly, if you’re looking for employment, the evaluation can help you identify positions that are relevant to your credentials.

How do I apply for a WES evaluation?

WES has two types of evaluations on offer. The first is a Document-by-Document evaluation, which provides a full description of your credentials along with the US equivalent for each. In general, this type of evaluation will be sufficient if you’re looking for employment or to immigrate to the US. This evaluation will cost you $100.

The second type of WES evaluation is the Course-by-Course evaluation, which costs $160. This option contains all the information in a Document-by-Document evaluation, plus a more detailed breakdown of the US value of each educational subject in the form of semester credits and grade equivalents. If you’re looking to apply to postgraduate studies or to a licensing board, this is the evaluation you’ll need as it has the more detailed information that these institutions require.

For both types of evaluations, you will need to complete an online application and submit all the necessary documents required. In certain cases, these documents may be sent off to the relevant institutions for verification by WES, so be sure to get your application in early.

If you want to make things even easier, you can just send your transcripts to SchoolApply and our dedicated team of advisors will provide you with complete guidance and support with your WES evaluation.

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