Valparaiso University, or “Valpo” for short, is located in the Mid-western region of the US in Valparaiso, Indiana. The campus community is small, active, and diverse, not to mention the academic experience goes beyond traditional textbook and lecture methods.

Be Prepared For Your Career

Valparaiso University does more than just give you the information you need to get a job – it provides you with countless opportunities to gain the skills and know-how to pursue the career of your dreams. The overarching ethos of providing experiential learning opportunities to Valpo’s student body empowers the students to ask questions, find solutions, and put concepts into practice.


The university prides itself on instilling a sense of curiosity and discovery in all its students through the guidance of dedicated faculty and unique learning experiences. Students at Valpo have gone as far as chasing storms in their meteorology class and researching vaccines in third-world countries. These real-life experiences can’t be replicated in a classroom and these are the moments that shape your understanding of what type of career you want to follow.

Students can take part in cultural immersions, social work, internships, work-study programs and research opportunities.

Valpo strives to ensure that all students are beyond ready to enter the professional world at the time of their graduation by providing hands-on experience and continuous guidance. There are over 100 career preparation events held per year on campus for students, such as workshops on creating a professional digital profile, seminars on picking a major, career and internships fairs, and much more.  


First-Class Facilities For A First-Class Experience

Valparaiso University is home to the James S. Markiewicz Solar Energy Research Facility enabling both faculty and undergraduates to participate in important solar energy research. One of only five research facilities in the United States to house a solar furnace, Valpo gives students hands-on engineering and research experiences that lead to invaluable and essential learning. The facility’s main focus research on solar energy as a viable alternative energy source. The information and research conducted here are of vital importance to the energy sector and to the world.

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Valpo has recently expanded its STEM facilities by adding a new wet laboratory building. These new amenities help aid scientific research on campus and increase opportunities within the science departments on campus. The state-of-the-art laboratory facilities provide students and faculty with unprecedented access to research opportunities and experiential learning. The 55,000 square-foot science facility primarily has wet labs for chemistry, biochemistry, and biology students.


The communication and media programs at Valpo have excellent labs and facilities to conduct hands-on learning in television production, video and audio editing, radio production, news writing, and digital design. Opportunities for learning in these fields are plentiful, as Valpo also has its own campus TV station, the university newspaper, campus radio station, and university yearbook

To enable complicated video and audio productions, Valpo has invested in an industry-quality, three-camera digital teleproduction studio with teleprompters; a separate weather studio featuring WSI weather graphics; a 20-Mac workstation non-linear (digital) video/audio lab, and a digital sound editing suite.


Access To Valpo’s Vast Professional Network

Most students at Valparaiso University will complete internships before their graduation. Valpo has connections to many local companies and international business partners. With these vital networks, the university connects students to employers and valuable real-life work experience. Students can take part in cultural immersions, social work, internships, work-study programs, and research opportunities – there are very few limits as to what you can accomplish and achieve at Valpo.  

Secure A Top Job

Gain the knowledge and develop the skills most employers say they want. Valpo’s curriculum combines a liberal arts background with degrees in time-honored professions like health care and nursing, business, and engineering — backed by a graduate placement rate above 90 percent for 24 consecutive years.

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