When it comes to your education, you certainly want the best education that is affordable and will open up doors for you. With the amount of universities out there to choose from, it can be difficult to select one that feels right. There is one university that stands out among the rest though - Canadian University Dubai (CUD). They offer Canadian education with perks that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Most Important Things You Should Know About Studying At CUD

Firstly, CUD offers great quality education that is based on the Canadian curriculum and education principles. Studying here, you will get the quality of a Canadian degree that is accredited in the UAE.

Then, of course, you get to study in Dubai – a dynamic city that offers you the opportunity to meet amazing people from across the world, and enjoy unforgettable experiences. The city is beautiful, modern and innovative. What more can you ask for?

Thanks to the academic partnerships that CUD has established with leading higher education institutions in Canada, it is the only University in Dubai that allows you to transfer after one year and graduate in Canada!


Getting Down To Business, Why Should You Be Studying At CUD?

  • CUD is formally accredited in the UAE
    CUD proudly boasts being one of the few universities formally accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in the UAE, making it easier to find a job in the UAE after graduation.

  • Your application fee is deferred
    Remember those expensive application fees that you need to pay in order to apply at a university? That is not the case at CUD. You only have to pay the fee after you have been accepted into the university and decide that you are going to study there.
it is easy for students to get to know the faculty and build meaningful relationships.
  • Improve your chances of getting a Canadian Student Visa
    Getting a Student Visa can be challenging, especially if you are applying from your home country. Luckily, CUD provides support to students applying for a Canadian Student Visa which means the chances of your student Visa being processed will be higher, and you will be able to go and study in Canada
  • One Degree, Two Countries!
    You can transfer your credits to any one of the twelve highly reputable Canadian university partners after completing a year or two at CUD. This means that you can start studying in Dubai and finish your degree in Canada. Either way, you still receive a fully accredited Canadian degree. CUD Credits are transferable to any University in Canada, it is however easier to transfer to their well rated partners.


  • Complete a paid internship if you decide to stay in Dubai
    Do not be dismayed if Canada does not appeal to you or you cannot afford to transfer there. Completing your degree in Dubai has its own advantages. In year 3 and 4 of your degree, you have to complete a mandatory internship as part of your course. Not only will you get great experience from industry leaders in the UAE, but you will also get paid for your work. Do your bit, and you might be part of the 60% of students who receive a job before they have graduated!

  • They are constantly growing their partnerships
    CUD have recently established new partnerships with Queen’s University, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Ryerson University. They are continuously growing their partnerships with other reputable universities to give you a wider variety of options to choose from.

They offer fun, new courses
This is a very exciting time to be a student at CUD: Thanks to their partnership with Ryerson University’s highly recognised Faculty of Communication & Design, CUD offers exciting new courses for students that wish to work in the creative industries.They also have brand new technological courses available and offer considerable incentives, such as discounts, to students who register for these new courses.


The Fun Perks Of Studying At CUD

  • They have a small and compact university campus
    This makes it easier for students to get to know the faculty and build meaningful relationships. This, in turn, promotes overall well-being and accountability.
  • CUD has a great location!
    Located in the “heart” of Dubai, CUD is one of the only international higher education institutions located in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). There is a metro station close-by as well as other modes of transport. This makes travelling to and from the university a hassle-free journey.

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  • There are great facilities available for you to use
    On campus, there is a dedicated photography studio and video lab which is open to all students. They also have an intensive career development office, where students receive assistance in finding a job and have access to Video CV creation software.

  • Enjoy great views of Dubai!
    CUD is the only university in Dubai where you can see the Burj Khalifa from their rooftop! Go and enjoy the scenery if you need a break.


What Do The Students Say?

We spoke to a couple of students about their experience at CUD, and during the conversations, we could not help but notice how much all of them love to study there. One student described the university as having a very informal and warm atmosphere where professors are mentors and friends, instead of having the traditional rigid and structured relationship. One thing is for sure, it feels like a home away from home.

Another student mentioned that the university has helped form a community where students can help each other excel in their studies. An example of this is where higher achieving students get paid to tutor students who struggle with the work.

One story that stood out, was that of CUD’s current communications officer, who is a former student. He was offered a position at CUD while studying, and since then has worked his way up to becoming Communications Manager. He can definitely attest to the familial surroundings at CUD as the university has had an enormous impact on his life.

If you are looking to Study abroad at an exceptional, yet homely university that will provide you with the opportunities that you need, then CUD is the place for you. To learn more about CUD, read our blog: “To study in Dubai or in Canada? Why not both!

About the Author: Lizan Gray, an adventurer at heart, is originally from South Africa and currently a copywriter in Dubai. She is busy finishing her degree in Business Administration.