Founded in 1907, the prestigious University of Redlands is home to 2,410 students from 44 states and 32 different countries of citizenship. It is a private, liberal arts university that focuses on innovative teaching and learning to encourage students to not only gain knowledge but to understand and apply information and pertinent skills to the world outside of the university.

Unique May Term

The University of Redlands offers a unique May Term to all its students. This special one-month term gives students an opportunity to engage in a range of classes outside of the standard curriculum or to take part in one of the university’s many study abroad programs.

Students who participate in the May Term tend to travel across the globe, learning information in a hands-on manner. There are about 15 study abroad courses offered each May Term and these credited classes usually consist of 14-15 students. May Term courses have taken students to the American South where they visited important locations related to the American Civil Rights Movement, or to Peru where they traveled through forests studying the effect of drought on trees, or even to Japan to study the country’s rich history and culture.


Design Your Own Academic Curriculum

The Johnston Center for Integrative Studies was initiated in 1969 and it is based on the belief that students should have ownership of their education. Students live and learn in the dedicated Johnston complex, which includes two residence halls, faculty offices, a coffee house, classrooms, and community spaces. Students live and study together in a close-knit community where they cultivate strong relationships with their peers and professors.

Graduates of University have Redlands have gone on to find jobs at prestigious corporations such as Apple, Google, Disney, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, EBay, Nestle, The New York Times, and more.

The Johnston Center focuses on collaborative learning and fulfilling a customized educational curriculum based on each individual student’s academic vision. This unique program consists of cross-disciplinary classes, experiential learning, and multicultural experiences. Through the Johnston Center students have majored in personalized degrees such as Food in Society, Cross-Cultural Ethics & Social Justice, The Art of Storytelling, and Creative Expression through Psychology and Humanities.


Financial Aid For International Students

Over 90% of the University of Redlands students receive financial aid, which reflects the school’s dedication to giving students easy access to its rigorous and challenging academic programs. The University aims to support students in pursuing their goals and passions by automatically considering all applicants for merit-based scholarships. Merit scholarships can range in value up to $27,000 and are given to students based on academic excellence, leadership, and service.

Limited need-based aid is also available for international students and all are encouraged to apply. Student Financial Services is always available to support and guide international students through financial aid options and processes.  

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The Amazing Redlands Experience

The campus environment at the University of Redlands is active, welcoming, and diverse. Redlands, California is located near beautiful beaches, vast deserts, stunning mountains, and vibrant cities. All of this can be experienced within one hour of campus and students often group together to embark on these trips to fully experience what the area has to offer in terms of culture, nature, and entertainment.

There are over 125 clubs and organizations offered on the Redlands campus and hundreds of events held each year. The school also boasts a strong Athletics Department and over 26% of students are scholar-athletes who participate in their sport while maintaining a 3.5 or higher GPA.


Student Success

After graduation, the University of Redlands students go on to graduate school or embark on their professional careers. Alumni have expressed their great satisfaction with their overall undergraduate experience at the University of Redlands, and university support does not end at graduation. The Office of Professional Development aids both students and alumni in achieving their career aspirations.

Graduates of University have Redlands have gone on to find jobs at prestigious corporations such as Apple, Google, Disney, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Nestle, The New York Times, and more. Redlands alumni have also attended some of the top graduate schools in the world, such as Duke University, Stanford University, Berkeley, Georgetown Law, The London School of Economics, Cambridge University, Cornell University, Trinity College, and Yale University.


Facts To Know

The University of Redlands has been awarded many accolades and has been recognized for its academic excellence and community spirit. It was named “One of Higher Ed’s Best Kept Secrets” in 2014 by the Fiske Guide to Colleges and it has nurtured an astounding 21 Fulbright students in the past eight years. The University of Redlands is one of five institutions in the country to be named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll each year since the award's inception. The University was ranked as one of the Best 378 Colleges in 2015 by the Princeton Review and Forbes named the university in the Top 5 percent of America’s Best Colleges in 2016.

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