Bacone College is a private, four-year, liberal arts college located in Oklahoma in the United States. The college prides itself on having a diverse community and encourages all ethnicities and races to attend their academic programs. Bacone is committed to providing students with an intellectually challenging and meaningful educational experience.

SchoolApply interviewed Cullen Lambird, a native resident of England and a sophomore at Bacone College, to learn about his academic and social experiences at the school.


Location: Muskogee, Oklahoma (USA)

Student Name: Cullen Lambird

Age: 19

From: England, United Kingdom

Graduation: 2020



Favourite Class: My favourite class is Financial Accounting - I like maths and I think that when I achieve my goal of becoming a small business owner, accounting will help me manage my business.

Favourite Activity: I love watching sports games at Bacone College because it brings the whole school together and the events are fun and exciting.

Three words that best describe Bacone College: Pleasant, Peaceful, Diverse

The Bacone College community is very nice and welcoming, also the school maintains great diversity amongst students which makes it attractive to international students.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you chose to study at Bacone College?  

I grew up and studied in Canvey Island, Essex, England until 2016 when I left to join Bacone College. I love playing soccer and one day I came across a soccer organisation called FirstPointUSA that also promoted education in the United States. It was through this organisation that I received an admission offer from Bacone’s soccer coach. I decided to accept the offer as they had a good soccer program and strong academic programs.

What are you studying at Bacone College?  

I was studying Business for three years in England as part of my high school concentration, so I decided to continue on this path and pursue a degree in Business Administration at Bacone College.  


Did you have any problems adjusting to life in the United States or at Bacone?

Well, after arriving in the United States I quickly realised that even though English is the primary language spoken in both England and the US, there can still be communication difficulties! There were different names for things than in the UK, such as “apartment” generally known as “flat” and “elevator” as “lift”. I also had to learn how to get around town to buy supplies or groceries, but the local residents and college staff were very helpful and accommodating.

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What has your experience been like as an international student at Bacone College, both academically and socially?

Travelling overseas for school has been rewarding, however, it has come with a few challenges along the way.

I have had to learn how to best manage my finances and live on a monthly budget so that I can continue to attend college and live here comfortably. Also, with so many different students from all around the country and the world, I have learned to be patient and tolerant of other people’s behaviours and actions. My teachers and classmates have been generally kind and playing soccer with the team has helped me settle in a bit faster. Overall, though, I think it just takes a little time to assimilate and get used to a new environment.

There was a Freshman Matriculation held by the school to guide and assist first-year students and Bacone also has a general help service for students called Trio. International students are welcomed at Bacone and treated kindly; their unique needs and situation are always taken into consideration and are catered.


Did you take part in any extracurricular activities?

I am a part of Bacone's soccer team and I am also President of the International Club. The soccer team competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and being a part of the team has been good fun this past year. Being president of the International Club can be a lot of hard work, but it pays off when we hold events for the community, such as when we went together to see the Tulsa Drillers, a minor league baseball team, play in Tulsa.

Did you have a job while studying?

Yes, I had a work-study job on campus, as international students are not allowed to work off-campus. I worked as an Understudy to the Secretary of the Vice President in the Student Life Department. I helped with various administrative tasks, such as organising folders, paperwork, and filing.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I want to start and run my own business while maintaining my ties to soccer, maybe through coaching, if not playing.


How has Bacone College prepared you for life after college?

Bacone has prepared me on how to take on leadership roles through my tenure as President of the International Club. This experience enhanced my problem-solving skills, improved the way I manage finances, and also gave me experience in event management as we organised various fundraisers for the group. I have learned that things may not always turn out the way you want them to, but that one needs to persevere and find a way to make things work out for the best.

What would you say to international students who are considering studying at Bacone College?

The Bacone College community is very nice and welcoming, also the school maintains great diversity amongst students which makes it attractive to international students.  The sports programs are also very strong at Bacone, so if you are interested in athletics, make sure you consider this school! The academics are challenging, but the teachers are supportive - international students will have a meaningful experience at Bacone College.    

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