We all are victim to picking up bad habits here and there, but be warned at university these tendencies can quickly affect the quality of your work and prevent you from getting the grades you deserve.


This may seem like a good idea when you have a deadline creeping up on you, because working from 9pm to 9am can give you an extra 12 hours. But here is where unhealthy habits can start to kick in. In order to pull an all-nighter, you will have to fill up on caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks; and while this may keep you awake for a few hours, after the initial sugar rush, you are inevitably going to crash. Fighting sleep can also severely limit your concentration. While pulling an all-nighter may allow you to write the 2,000 words needed to finish an essay, lack of sleep can possibly lead to grammar and spelling mistakes; and maybe even incomplete references.

All nighters may help you get a substantial amount done at the last-minute but the work you produce after an all-nighter will not be your best. Constantly relying on all-nighters for assignments will cause you more stress and exertion than starting an assignment the week before its due.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

There are three main culprits in this category: caffeine, junk food, or simply skipping meals because you’re too busy. Each one has a detrimental effect on your health. While it may be convenient to buy ready-made meals and frozen food, this can be very unhealthy in the long run. A bad diet can cause you to get sick, because you are not getting enough nutrition. You can always Google quick and healthy recipes that you can put together in minutes if you don’t have the time. The worst habit to pick up is to skip meals because of your busy schedule and can quickly become dangerous for your health. It can drastically affect your concentration and energy levels.

Avoiding Your Chores

Laundry is often the first thing we abandon when we draw closer to a deadline. Your attention is diverted to making sure you complete your work on time and that usually means abandoning household chores. While this is helpful when your prioritising your schedule, leaving chores unattended for too long will become a bigger job for you later on. It’ll become more time consuming and will lead to extra and unnecessary stress.

Make a chart for your chores and form a routine where you don’t leave anything unattended for too long. For example, you can plan to do your laundry on two days of the week and use one day on the weekend to clean your room. This makes managing your household chores a lot easier and can be worked around your work schedule.

Skipping Lectures and Seminars

This habit can quickly affect your academics. The amount of interaction between faculty and students at university is significantly lower when compared to your time at school. Which makes it extremely important to attend lectures, so you can absorb information and take notes. So you should always make sure to attend your seminar and classes so you can discuss those ideas with your professor and add to your notes. This will make it so much easier for you when revising for exams or writing essays. Remember, it takes more time and effort to find and fill in the incomplete notes than to actually attend your lecture.

You should also remember that sometimes lecture and seminar attendance is worth a certain percentage of your final grade. So consistently skipping lectures and seminars not only creates a gap in your knowledge but can seriously drop your GPA. Don’t lose easy marks, just show up to the lecture!

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About the Author: Sadia Sajjad is an English graduate from Brunel University London. She’s always had a strong affinity for the arts and is never far away from her pen and paper. She is currently interning in Dubai.