Slippery Rock University (SRU) is a public, liberal arts institution located in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. SRU gives students a well-rounded academic experience by offering hands-on, experiential learning and by teaching each student the importance of being an active and giving member of their local community. With more than 8,500 students enrolled at the university, the campus is filled with young people eager to learn, grow and develop into the best version of themselves.

Isuri Rajapaksa is a senior at SRU and she took out some time to share her college experiences with SchoolApply.

Meet Isuri

Isuri Rajapaksa is 20 years old and a senior at Slippery Rock University – or “The Rock” as it is affectionately called by students and staff alike. She is originally from Sri Lanka, but her second home is Bangladesh where she lived for 16 years. She attended the Aga Khan School in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from pre-school all the way to Grade 10.

Isuri tells us that she always knew she wanted to attend university in the United States and that was one of the main reasons why she moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka to complete her secondary school education at the American National College (ANC) – a school that had an American transfer program.

“I heard about Slippery Rock after I went to ANC. I had a couple of friends who were already studying at the university and I had heard only good things about the campus. From what I gathered, I thought it would be a great fit for me,” she explains. Isuri applied to The Rock and that marked the beginning of her new adventure in the US.   


Picturesque Surroundings and New Amenities

The 661-acre campus of Slippery Rock University is nestled in the beautiful hills of western Pennsylvania. The small town is ideally situated within close proximity to larger cities, such as Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvania. Recently, a grand total of $4 million has been used towards improving the local streetscape, and students and residents alike can now experience the old-world allure of the town while enjoying modern stores and restaurants.

“SRU has an amazing campus, even if it is a little removed from larger cities. Everyone is nice and helpful and the university has services and facilities to help students with finding jobs, Study abroad programs and so much more,” Isuri says.

Discovering What Makes You Tick

There are over 150 majors and minors to choose from at Slippery Rock University. Isuri is majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). “Initially, I had declared computer science as my major but I quickly realised that it wasn’t something that I would be happy with in the future, so I chose something more related to my personality and my interests,” she says. After taking a few courses in IMC, she enjoyed it so much she knew that she had made the right decision for herself.  


Student Activities at SRU

Though a small, university town, Slippery Rock offers its students plenty to do both on and off campus. Every year the university sponsors unforgettable concerts, lectures and other events. Students can take part in SRU’s popular intramural sports program, or they can enjoy a wide array of cultural activities such as concerts, theatre events, art exhibits and dance recitals. With more than 150 different clubs and organisations to choose from, each student is sure to find something of interest, no matter where their talents lie.

Isuri is President of the Internations Club and a member of Lambda Pi Eta and Rock Productions (the PR Club on campus). “The Internations Club hosts an annual Internations Week in November that I help organise and coordinate with the help of advisors and members,” she says. The group also plans trips for international students to have the opportunity to travel and learn more about the United States. Isuri works at the Office of Global Engagement and also helps with new student orientation.


Benefit From an Array of Student Services

New student orientation is an informative time when incoming students learn the basic essentials to living on campus and studying at SRU. Faculty and staff are always on hand to assist students in settling into their new academic and social environments. The Academic Advisory Department at SRU helps students identify what they want to study and also helps them understand university policies and procedures. The Office of Career Education and Development on the other hand, helps students build career management tools and connects them to networking events, interviews and job fairs. The goal is to mould future citizens of the world who excel in their field of study and who celebrate diversity and practice global thinking.

All in all, Isuri says that SRU has successfully prepared her for her future professional life by empowering her with a stellar education and a positive attitude.  


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