Western New England University (WNEU) is a private university located in Springfield, Massachusetts in the United States. With a small campus community, students receive personalised attention from dedicated faculty and staff members. The university environment nurtures and challenges students to grow and develop into great leaders of tomorrow.

SchoolApply had the opportunity to interview Sergio Rojas Soria Galvarro, an international student from Bolivia, to find out his thoughts on student life at Western New England University.


Location: Springfield, Massachusetts (USA)

Student Name: Sergio Rojas Soria Galvarro

Age: 21

From: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Expected Graduation:   May 2018



Favourite class: My favourite class was Lean Six Sigma because I had a very passionate professor who made the class interesting and engaging.

Favourite Event: During the first weekend of freshman year, there is an event called “First Year Experience” where all freshman students had the option to hear the Blue Man Group in Boston, play paintball, attend a Red Sox baseball game, or go river rafting.

The university helped me get my first internship with an international company, Pelican Products, as an Industrial Engineer Intern, which will help my job prospects immensely.

A few words to describe Western New England University: Friendly, Passionate, Fun, Understanding, Opportunities

Where are you from and where did you study before joining Western New England University?

I am from Santa Cruz, Bolivia and I have studied in Santa Cruz (Bolivia), Oregon (US), London (UK), and Massachusetts (US).


How did you hear about Western New England University and what made you decide to study there?

I heard about WNEU from one of my academic advisors in High School, and I chose WNEU because of its small classes, beautiful campus, and amazing success stories from students.

What are you studying at Western New England University?

I am pursuing a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering - I chose this field because it is a great mix of engineering with business, which is where my professional interests lie.

Did you have any difficulty adjusting to life in the US or at Western New England University?

Like any other international student, in the beginning, it was hard to be so far away from home, but the faculty and students at Western New England were very welcoming. I joined a club called U&ME (United and Mutually Equal), which allowed me and other freshmen students the opportunity to arrive on campus a couple days early and meet some fantastic classmates and mentors. They helped me have a good start at the university.

I made some friends before school had even started, and these people are still some of my best friends in the world (and I mean the world). These friendships were made possible because of the small campus and close community - it is easy to see them often and to take part in the same campus activities.


What has your academic and social experience been like at Western New England University?

The U&ME and the Connections Program helped me start off my university experience on the right foot. These programs enabled incoming freshman students from different countries and varied backgrounds to arrive early at the university. The freshman students are then all assigned to upper classmates for mentoring and friendship – this experience was very positive for me.

Springfield is a great area - there are plenty of activities to do around town, such as going to the movies on Tuesday for only $5, going bowling, or even going ice skating. CAB (Campus Activity Board) is an on campus organisation that organises events for students during the weekend and even plans trip to Boston or New York City for all the students to enjoy.

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What extracurricular activities did you take part in at Western New England University?

I took part in the U&ME program as a Mentee, and later I became a Mentor for an incoming freshman student. I have been an active member of the International Club and am currently serving as the President of organisation.

I also found a home in the Office of Admissions as a Student Ambassador and an International Admissions Assistant. The department’s staff welcomed me from the start of my second year and pushed me to become a better leader. My job consisted of inputting international student information in the school system, welcoming overseas students to the university, and giving them a warm and informative tour of the campus.


How has Western New England University prepared you for life after college?

WNEU has not only given me all the knowledge necessary to succeed in a job, it has also shaped and developed my leadership and communication skills. The university helped me get my first internship with an international company, Pelican Products, as an Industrial Engineer Intern, which will help my job prospects immensely.

What would you say to international students who are considering studying at Western New England University?

I would tell them that Western New England University welcomes you with its arms wide open. The warm, small campus community acts as a family – everyone goes out of their way to take care of you and any issues you may encounter.

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